January 13, 2021

42 Interactive Supporting Good Causes

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

At 42 Interactive, we take our values seriously.  One of the values is that we genuinely care for those less fortunate and are silently struggling either in health or financial problems.

Therefore, in the closing of the year 2020, which has been a difficult year for everyone, we asked our staff, or as we'd rather call "our extended family at work", to spread the love and show our support by choosing non-profit projects, organizations, charities, or foundations where we could help by providing donations.

The 42 Interactive team has carefully selected a mixture of diverse projects, starting from children foundations, Covid support groups, environmental and animal welfare projects.

Below is some more information on the organisations that we have supported and the reason why we chose them.

#BisaSembuh (We Can Heal) Campaign

bisa sembuh campaign

One of our team members' family had experienced the difficulty of the birth of their first child. Hence why we can relate to those people with a similar problem on a personal level. We know how hard it could be. We are lucky to have family insurance but for some people, the cost of paying health and life insurance is not something that's affordable.

So having a family member being sick, especially a child, where there is no financial support to help must have been even harder than what our team member had experienced with his family. We hope by giving them the donation, it would be able to help them directly.

Website: https://kitabisa.com/campaign/bisasembuh

RHI - Rumah Harapan Indonesia (House of Hope)

outreach at rumah harapan indonesia

RHI Bali is a temporary home for a child who is coming from a less fortunate family and referred by a local doctor or hospital to seek treatment in the main hospital in Denpasar, which is the Sanglah hospital (in Denpasar - Bali). The children who stay in RHI Bali are all having the same illness such as cancer, hydrocephalus, or tumor.

Sometimes they are also coming from islands or cities outside Bali, such as the neighboring islands of NTT and Sumba that makes it difficult to go back and forth from their home to go to the hospital as it needs lots of traveling time and money. Therefore they stay in RHI Bali to be able to get closer to the hospital for having their treatment. During the pandemic, there are many sick children who need our help since the donation is getting less and less every day, so now this is our time to help them.

Website: https://rhi.or.id/
Instagram: @rhibali

Yayasan Sayangi Bali (Love Bali Foundation)

outreach at yayasan sayangi bali

This foundation is a non-profit organization, and not so well-known where only few people know about it and give their charity. Managing this foundation is not easy, they need to at least prepare nutritious food every day, take care of the children, and run daily operation. These require large funds. Hopefully, by being involved in this charity, we can help them providing a good care and food for the children under their wings.

Website: https://yayasansayangibali.wordpress.com/

Metanarasi Pendidikan (Online Education)

outreach at metanarasi pendidikan

Metanarasi is a sub-organisation / sub-activity in a local small church in Gereja Baptis Indonesia Waru Cabang Tawangsari. It is a place in Waru, a city in East Java, Indonesia, consisting of only 60-100 congregations. Despite their 'small' size, and little fund support, they have this amazing cause to help children and students from unfortunate/low-income families by providing them help on their tuition fees monthly.

Especially during the covid-19 pandemic, they also help parents with free online consultation sessions on how to keep children educated while staying at home.

Instagram: @metanarasi.pendidikan

Yayasan Senyum Bali (Smile Bali Foundation)

outreach at yayasan senyum bali

One important reason why we want to give the 42 charities to Senyum Bali is because of their concern towards people with disabilities, like facial tumors, cleft lip, and others. They provide free medication support to people who need it the most, and their coverage is not only in Bali area, but also in remote areas in Indonesia, such as Kupang, Maumere, and Sumba.

Because they are a non-profit organisation, they can't do their jobs alone. The pandemic has greatly affected its operations. Therefore we want to help them and hopefully, will bring smiles and recovery to their patients.

Website: http://senyumbali.org/
Instagram: @yayasansenyumbali

#SalingJaga (Watch Each Other) Campaign

salingjaga campagin

This #salingjaga (take care of each other) campaign is a crowd-funding health insurance fighting against Covid-19. Anyone can donate any amount to this fundraising. The donator will automatically become a member. The collected funds will be donated to the members who don't have health and life insurance and are diagnosed to have Covid-19 symptoms or are Covid-19 positive.

Website: https://kitabisa.com/explore/all
Campaign link: https://salingjaga.kitabisa.com/?back_to=%252F

The Bali Dog Halfway House - Bali

outreach at bali halfway dog shelter

This non-profit project is a joint collaboration of solo dog rescuers in Bali. Our Project Manager, Mariza Saraswati, is one of the co-founders. She has been living in Bali for more than 15 years. She has seen and heard of so many cases of dog abuse, negligence, poisoning, or road-kills. As an animal lover, especially a dog parent herself, she couldn't help but do something about it.

Therefore in 2015, she with fellow dog lovers had built this project where they rescue dogs from the streets, dog-meat market, or irresponsible owners. These dogs undergo complete vaccination, sterilisation, obedience, and lead training plus socialisation to ensure a higher chance of adoption. 

We in 42 Interactive support our team members who care and have passions to help animals.

Website: http://www.thebalidoghalfwayhouse.com/
Instagram: @thebalidoghalfwayhouse

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation

barrier reef campaign

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef is not only a marvel for to visit and generates tourism for local communities, it plays an even bigger and essential part in keeping our whole planet running.

Although the Great Barrier Reef or GBR is covered by 342,000 square Km of off the eastern Australian coast Coral reefs are spread out over the shallow seas of the world's tropical and subtropical regions. About one-quarter of the 500,000 animal species living in the world's oceans inhabit the areas with coral reefs. Even some of the fish species that live in the outer seas use the reefs as places to spawn and raise their fry.

Coral reefs are described as the tropical forests of the ocean, or as ocean oases. Providing shelter and spawning grounds to a wide range of ocean life, coral reefs serve an important role in the marine ecosystem. Living corals have many different colors, such as brown, purple and green, but this color is actually the color of microscopic single-celled algae called zooxanthellae living symbiotically inside the body of the coral.

Corals provide a home for the zooxanthellae and in return, the zooxanthellae, provide oxygen from photosynthesis, and organic matter such as carbohydrates and protein which the corals use as nutrients. In part, the corals excrete this organic matter as a viscous liquid, providing nutrients for tiny creatures, forming a base for the rich marine ecosystem.

There are other important roles played by coral and coral reefs as well. One is the regulation of carbon dioxide levels in the oceans. Carbon dioxide regulation is very essential and without the corals or coral reefs there would be an imbalance of carbon dioxide levels that would severely impact all marine creatures.

Another role is protection from strong ocean currents and high waves. As the name "barrier reef" implies, reefs act as a barrier protecting the shorelines.

Website: https://www.barrierreef.org/

Vision Rescue

vision rescue outreach

65 million people in India live in slums as per the 2011 statistics. 47% of children in slums are estimated to be malnourished and many of them are uneducated and in high risk situations. With a little love and care, Vision Rescue seeks to empower these individuals and bring dignity to entire communities.

Website: https://visionrescue.us/
Instagram: @ visionrescue/

We hope by doing these charities, though not much, will help those projects/foundations to thrive and keep doing their great jobs in helping the children, animals, and nature that need our help, not just in 42 Interactive, but also from everyone to care enough to do something and make a change for a better world.