September 21, 2022

Interactive Immersion of Commercial Property

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Virtual tours can be used by businesses to Immerse and Interactively engage potential customers and give them a virtual experience of what to expect when they visit your site physically.


The market has transformed, and businesses are taking marketing online. Virtual tours are a common strategy that businesses use to improve their online presence.

The Headquarters building of the Reserve Bank of Australia

With the recent pandemic and the approach of the metaverse in our daily lives there is now somewhat of an expectation that leading companies will showcase their physical presence in the virtual world.  A Virtual Tour is the first potential economical step into the metaverse and first movers will have the advantage of their competitors and in the process create their own digital USP to expand upon.


Additionally, virtual tours can be embedded into your website, email campaigns or social media content in order to be able to share and market directly to a much wider audience.

low angle photo of brown house

The immersive nature and ease of sharing make Virtual Tours much “stickier” than photos or video content. 

Imagine a group of friends booked into your hotel or resort sharing their virtual experience with their social network on where they are headed. Your prospective guests can be your best advocates and marketing team sharing virtual walkthroughs of their rooms, restaurants or bar areas, all before they have arrived at your facility.


Or what about when a company is planning to attend a business conference or event and looking for potential hotels. Instead of having to travel to come and assess the hotels they can see it all through a Virtual Tour. This digital Virtual Tour presence creates more business opportunity for you, since it saves them valuable time and money


Virtual Tours also help build trust in your business and people naturally have more belief and affinity when they can see, virtually, what they are really going to experience when they get to your place of business.

Hague D6 Universal Tripod Dolly.


A great side effect of a virtual tool is that you could also easily produce an unlimited amount of 360 photographs from the virtual tour.


Therefore with an interactive video virtual tour and a suite of 360 photographs the cost and the time and effort to scan your property, business, hotel resort, or any other physical asset can be very effective, since you can get both these types of digital content (360 Photos and a Virtual Tour).


In fact research suggests that when sales when 360 degree photos are present on a website sales increase on average by around 25% compared to standard photographs.


Our Virtual Tours offer three immersive views from the Walkabout view, which is VR ready, to the Dollhouse view, which provides a birds eye view of your building which you can rotate and zoom in and out.  The floor plan view provides you with options to take measurements directly from the scan so that your team, colleagues and any other 3rd party providers and understand the sizes of floors and dimensions of areas without having to visit physically.


Additionally, with the ability to tag elements or locations in the virtual tour it allows you to provide additional information, e.g. a biography of an artist for a sculpture, or pop up a restaurant menu.  Areas can even be tagged to provide a further action for your potential customers, for example a click to call action at the virtual reception desk of a hotel.

Sydney city centre view

Our Virtual Tours are focussed only in the non-residential space since our team has a plethora of experience in digital transformation in many commercial property sectors, from Office, Retail, Hotels, Museums, Gallery, Restaurants and QSR, we utilise the latest in 3D scanning and Lidar to capture and achieve award winning results.

(we can make recommendations on other companies if you are looking for a Virtual Tour of your House, Unit or Airbnb).


Make our Virtual Tours work for you by putting your presence online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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