August 10, 2022

Boosting Business Online Using SEO

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If you want to succeed in the online business race, SEO or search engine optimisation is one the best ways to do that. No doubt, SEO helps in boosting business online by making your website appear on the top SERP (search engine result page) for the users.

Besides, Google dominates within the overall search engine market. That means your optimising efforts should target Google as the primary search engine.

Now, SEO is also famous for bringing organic traffic to your website. What does that mean?

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SEO Tips & Tricks for Boosting Business Online

Technically, SEO is free. Yeah, you read that right.

You don’t have to spend money if you want to optimise your website using SEO. All you need to invest is time and energy in making long-term SEO strategies.

However, if you hire an SEO specialist, that will cost you good money, but what the SEO specialist earns per year to improve your online business can be measured by your improvements in traffic, leads and sales.

Now, boosting business online requires expertise and knowledge.

Since SEO has become an integral branch of digital marketing, you can’t rank on top SERP without following the latest SEO requirements.

Therefore, we’ll see the biggest difference makers in boosting business online using SEO.

Mobile Friendliness

Do you know that 80% of the top-ranked websites are mobile-friendly?

Also, Google might penalise you if your website doesn’t perform well on mobile. It’s because people are shifting to smart devices. A vast majority of them will not be using desktop computers or bigger devices for browsing online.

So, the first step of boosting business online is to make your website mobile-friendly.

What’s Included in Mobile Friendliness?

To check what does mobile-friendliness ask you have and how your website performs on a mobile, you can use the following tools:

You simply have to submit your website’s URL in any of these tools. After that, you will get a report of your website’s overall performance on mobile.

You can share that mobile-friendliness report with your web development team. They will then make necessary changes.

Load Speed

You don’t want your visitors to be waiting while your website opens up, do you?

A website’s load speed and bounce rate have a direct relation. That means, if your website takes time to load, the bounce rate of your website will increase, and vice versa.

Moreover, a high bounce rate determines that users have no interest in your website. They click on a link that redirects them to your website. But since it’s taking longer than 3 seconds, your visitors will instantly close that tab and might never return.

Google recommends that your website should load in under two seconds to hold a customer. Otherwise, Google might not list your website on SERP.

Therefore, boosting business online also depends on how fast your website is loading.

How to Reduce Load Speed?

You can try Pingdom to check the performance of your website, including load speed. This tool grades your website and suggests improvements.

However, the result might be a bit technical for you. So it’s better to have a web developer with you while analysing the report.

After that, you can make necessary changes and reduce the load speed of your website.

Directory Listing

As you already probably know that every area has its own business directories. A pharmacist will have their directory in a pharmaceutical category, a mechanic will have one in the automobile category, and so on.

Just like that, you have to list your online business in the relevant directories. But how does that help your business to boost online?

Google or any other search engine wants you to be a real business. Therefore, you will be labeled as a legitimate online business if you are there in the local business directories. Sounds simple, right?

Once you register yourself in the relevant business directory, Google can verify you by

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Another advantage of getting listed in the business directories is you will get a backlink from almost all of them.

Backlinking is an important ranking factor in boosting business online.

How to Find Directory Listing Opportunity?

You can check out the following platforms for free business directory listing:

You can filter out the business directories either by city or niche.

Social & Review Profiles

It’s easier to be ranked on Google if you are a brand or getting endorsements from a brand.

Therefore, you have to own and optimise social and review profiles.

Some of the famous social media platforms are (with global monthly users in 2021):

Moreover, you have to list your online business on review sites as well. There are numerous review platforms available for specific niches. Therefore, make sure that you register in the relevant category for boosting business online.

How to Optimise Social & Review Profiles?

First of all, you have to fill out every possible detail of your profile. Plus, you have to add your website link to each profile. A study showed that more than 44% of the users use social media to look for brands.

Therefore, if users find your social and review profile optimised, they might visit your website. That will eventually increase organic traffic for your online business.

That’s how you can boost your online business using SEO without spending a single penny.


Boosting business online using SEO is a long-term process. You have to consistently work on your website optimisation for weeks, even months.

Moreover, Google ranks your online business if the users are satisfied with visiting your website.

Therefore, the crux of SEO is to make your website informative and as relevant as possible for the users. That also means that the SEO trends constantly change over time.

So you have to keep checking for the latest SEO updates in order to rank in the the top SERP rankings.