August 16, 2023

Exploring the Future of Office Design: Matterport Scan Transforms Visualisation at International Tower in Sydney

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Experience the future of office space visualisation with our cutting-edge technology. Step into a virtual tour and explore every detail of your potential workspace from the comfort of your own screen.

The Client:

The International Towers is a leading commercial property management company based in Sydney, Australia. They manage the International Tower commercial buildings located in the bustling Barangaroo area of Sydney. The complex consists of three high-rise buildings and is a hub for businesses in the finance, technology, and professional services industries.

Source: 42 Interactive

The Challenges and Solutions:

Reflections from Open Windows

The presence of panoramic open windows at the International Tower Sydney presented a distinctive obstacle. These windows introduced reflections that had the potential to compromise the quality and authenticity of the 3D scans.

In order to address this issue, we employed a strategic approach to position the scanner in a manner that would prevent its appearance in the final scenes. By carefully selecting areas with minimal reflections, we successfully minimised distortion and achieved precise 3D imaging.

Adverse Weather Conditions

The first day of scanning was characterised by overcast weather, which led to insufficient natural light for capturing scans of optimal quality.

In order to overcome this challenge posed by the weather, we made the decision to reschedule the scanning session to a day when ideal lighting conditions were present. This strategic adjustment enabled the capture of vibrant and high-quality 3D images that faithfully depicted the office spaces.

Taking utmost care to avoid any disruption to the current tenants' activities

Given the lively and dynamic atmosphere of the offices, it was crucial to execute the scanning process with utmost consideration for the current tenants, ensuring minimal disruption. Furthermore, in order to achieve the highest quality scans, it was necessary to capture scenes devoid of any individuals.

To tackle this challenge, I carefully scheduled the scanning sessions during non-peak hours when the offices were relatively less occupied. Additionally, I diligently ensured that each space was completely vacant before commencing the scanning process. This approach effectively prevented any individuals from appearing in the final scenes, allowing the focus to remain solely on showcasing the office space itself.

Maintaining the automatic doors in an open position

The presence of automatic doors in the building presented a logistical hurdle, as they had to be kept open throughout the scanning process without compromising the security or functionality of the building.

To overcome this challenge, I worked in close collaboration with the building's facilities team. Together, we devised a safe and effective method to keep the doors open during the scanning process. This allowed for the seamless capture of the 3D model while ensuring that the building's functionality and security remained intact.

Source: 42 Interactive

The Results and Benefits:

By leveraging the capabilities of Matterport Scan technology, we were able to create captivating and interactive 3D virtual tours of the four office spaces. This cutting-edge solution provided International Tower Sydney with a notable competitive edge, enabling prospective tenants to embark on a realistic and immersive virtual journey through the spaces.

The scans expedited the decision-making process for potential tenants, leading to a faster turnover of available spaces. This was especially advantageous in the era of Covid-19, as the scans offered a remote opportunity for individuals to explore the office spaces while adhering to social distancing protocols.

In summary, the implementation of Matterport Scan technology effectively addressed the challenges faced by International Tower Sydney, enhancing their ability to showcase their office spaces and cater to the varied needs of their clients.

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