We build our partners’ world firsts through the creative use of technology.

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42 Interactive tackle our partners’ challenges with the creative use of technology creating digital experiences like no other.
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Our world class team of professionals can design, develop and deliver digital ecosystems, experiential projects ranging from Activations, AR and, VR and top tier scalable platforms.

We also help our partners identify their current and future challenges in businesses through our UX and Technology consultancy.

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The system developed by #RiVR scan a scene of real fire damage and re-create the fire in #VR. It shows firefighters or police how a fire might have started or spread. https://t.co/gV2gyguD7Q #ar

New Year Resolution 7:

Give my potential customers an opportunity to experience what I offer through Virtual Reality

#VR #AR #VirtualReality #CreativeTechnology


With stunning views like this the creative technology juices are flowing!
Great team Great Partners and the start of an amazing week. #team #partners #creativetechnology… https://t.co/Nczaf0A4CH

A cup of coffee to start the day. Let the #creativity flows to deliver best and smart outcomes for our customers and business partners. #42interactive #team #digitalsolution https://t.co/UMbNDxAJBl

Here are 5 future technologies you can expect to reach the public in the next couple of years, with #technology becoming more intertwined in everyday lives each year. Read more at https://t.co/0Rh060rYgy #iot #blockchain #artificialintelligence

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