AI Design & Development

Helping businesses implement AI into their workflow.

With the rapid development of AI technologies, businesses are increasingly looking to integrate AI into their operations. However, with many different AI services offered by major tech companies, this can be challenging. We are here to help you navigate the transition, implementation, and operation of AI services, whether off-the-shelf or custom-built.

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AI Consultancy

What kind of AI technology do you need, and for what purpose?

There is a plethora of AI technology available, but not all of it is suitable for your business. Our service helps businesses understand what kind of AI technology they need for their operations. This is the first step in our AI design and development process unless you have a specific AI technology in mind to build.

AI Development

We provide integration of AI technology or custom development. There are different levels of data security that you might want to consider:

  • Public: The data that the AI is trained on is already available publicly. This is suitable for public-facing AI services.
  • Internal: The data is sensitive and only for internal use. This is ideal for internal operations, but there still needs to be security clearance levels within your organization.
  • Offline: The data is trained locally and on-premise, not connected to the internet.

AI Data Management

AI can index a large amount of data. Have you prepared it with good data? Is your data secure both internally and externally? Is your data consolidated, or do you have multiple platforms with multiple data sources? We provide data management, development, and training to help your team supply your AI solution with the best data possible.

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mArvIn - Our AI assistant to converse with your data

You can now converse with your data through mArvIn, it is an AI assistant that can be trained based on a specific data that we provide. With the latest Large Language Modelling and Natural Language Processing, mArvIn will be able to help you uncover more insights from your data in conversations.

Translate your data

Users can converse with mArvIn using their native language as the AI assistant can translate the information you've trained it with. This can be enabled or disabled depending on the content you're providing to the end user.

This would be handy for any website, documents or data that would need to be translated to the end user, without having to fully translate the whole website and creates multiple versions of the text provided. This then makes localisation much more approachable to any companies for their products or services.

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