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As a methodology, the Digital Discovery Process was created through our design and technology partnerships with clients. It's a packaged service with a set cost that employs effective workshops to generate reports and blueprints at the start of the project. These reports and blueprints can then be utilized as a brief for us or any other service providers of your choosing.

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Brand Review

Feeling confident about your brand identity is essential in marketing your business effectively. We review the core components of your branding to ensure your visual and verbal expression of your business is the best it can be. At the end of this process, you will get your brand report and update recommendations.

Heuristic Review

A strong digital product goes hand in hand with a strong customer experience, user experience and service design. From an initial discovery workshop through to research and recommendations, we can take you through each phase and set up the best experience for your digital product or service.

Technology Review

A seamless technology experience requires many moving parts to work together behind the scenes. We audit your technology infrastructures, software, hardware, technology providers and operations to create strategies that improve the overall performance of your technology and recommend areas of improvements.

Customer Relationship Review

Connecting your brand to the right audiences and building a strong relationship is vital to the success of any business. We review your communication channels, analytics and digital presence to provide recommendations on strengthening your customer relationship.

Security Review

Protecting your assets reduces the risk of harm to your data and enables your business to operate safely. We assess your information technology and systems to identify risks that can leave your business vulnerable, and recommend the best practices for better security.

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Craveable Brands

Restaurant Experience for The Future

Craveable Brands the brand behind Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treats in Australia; Working with us as an integrated development partner to create a more robust, fast, and secure online ordering platform. We assist our client in transforming their digital ecosystem by reviewing key user experience elements while the user is ordering online. This includes creating a more robust Red Rooster ordering website and mobile applications for iOS and Android. Integrating with Kerbside and Doordash to speed up food deliveries, this adds a new revenue stream for our client and more delivery options for the user.

Quick Service Restaurant
Date - 2023
Location - Sydney
Photo credits - Craveable Brands
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