Embracing the Future of AI:
Introducing mArvIn, our own AI powered data conversation.

Artificial Intelligence
Date - 2024
Location - Australia

We've started our own deep dive journey into AI, especially in Large Language Modelling (LLM) and Computer Vision. We are using body tracking computer vision to develop a software that helps cure chronic pain at Neurotechnology's Innovate Pain Clinic. For large language modelling we're creating our own chatbot that can be trained to give the user very accurate result with specific data set.


Unlike standard chatbot, they're just following certain flow conditions to give answers, and if you're asking something that's outside of their context of answers or database, it will give you a default preset answer or no answer at all.

Understanding Questions Contextually

mArvIn AI chatbot is different, with the power of LLM, it will try and understand the context of your question and give you an answer based of its understanding and closest to what you've asked. On top of that, we can give it more knowledge or data which it will learn or ingest and expand its contextual knowledge.

Enterprise Grade
and Secure

Because we're being able to control the data source, we can also secure where the data is going to be analysed by mArvIn. Instead of sending the data to publicly accessible AI services, we can control it to a private AI server instead. This way any organisation who would like to have AI to help crunch their data don't need to worry that their private data would be exposed to the public.

Conversation Thread

The power of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) fix this and giving us an easier way to converse with the chatbot. mArvIn can understand thread of conversation and it's enjoyable to chat and ask questions without a steep learning curve of understanding the correct prompts to get the information that we need.

Controlled Data

We can limit what mArvIn can answer by limiting the data it can learn from. We've tested this using our website data, when the context of the information is larger, without training it further, it will provide an answer with the most data available. Of course with further training and giving it few guidelines, it will perform better.

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Once we have the foundation of contextual conversation from LLM, we can then upgrade it even more with:
Speech to Text

You can talk to mArvIn through your computer or mobile phone's microphone. It will then transcribe what you say as text to talk to the bot. We've seen this functionality for personal assistants on your phone and it's really handy for accessibility challenged users or visitors.

Text to Speech

mArvIn can read its answers to you, very handy for a chatbot that you can be hands free or if it needs to dictate text to you.


Instead of translating the content you're providing, mArvIn can do it instead becoming on demand translator for the content. This is handy when the user is trying to converse in their own language instead of English.

Expanding Data

Although it comes with its own risk, we can expand mArvIn to use OpenAI's data so it behaves like ChatGPT at home. But as we mentioned above, it will also reduce the accuracy of the answers it can give you as the wealth of information it's learning from.

Can mArvIn
help your business?

AI is inevitable, all businesses would need to learn and be trained to understand and use AI in the near future. AI chatbot is just one out of many uses of AI. It can help your customers to get the information they need about your business in a short period of time. It can also help your employees or customer service to help your potential customers with the wealth of information your business may have.

For example if you're in finance or banking industry, where product policies and terms are often complicated and buried within hundred of pages of documents. Marvin can learn from these documents and easily surface any information you ask it. This will help speed up training process and assist your employees to understand your products or services, and also help your potential customers with the information that they need.

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