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Deepening the connection between the user and your brand

XR is a term that encompasses AR and VR experiences that are integrated with existing platforms and frameworks in our daily lives. With the widespread use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), the popularity of XR technologies has increased significantly.

The rise of social media content creation using AR filters has helped to furthermore promote the adoption on XR. Here at 42 Interactive, we use the latest XR technologies, including AR, VR, and machine learning, to create immersive and meaningful user experiences.

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Augmented Reality

We develop AR experiences for both mobile native apps and web-based apps to enhance our clients' visualisation tools, customer engagement, and marketing efforts.

Virtual Reality

We develop VR experiences for various platforms, including mobile or smartphone-based VR, untethered VR headset experiences such as Oculus Quest, and tethered or desktop-based VR headset experiences

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We use machine learning body tracking to develop XR experiences that are more immersive and interactive. By tracking the user's movements and gestures, we can create a more realistic and engaging experience that adapts to the user's individual behavior.

Machine learning algorithms analyze the body tracking data to identify patterns and movements that can be used to personalize the experience further. This can lead to a more intuitive and natural interaction between the user and the virtual environment.

Overall, the integration of machine learning body tracking in XR development can provide a more realistic and personalized experience that enhances the user's engagement and enjoyment.

Quality Assurance for XR

Our QA team is well versed in manual and automated testing of XR experiences. We offer QA services for your XR projects.

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Box Office VR

Theatre Magic Comes Alive with Box Office VR!

Box Office VR is an online ticket office where you can see the latest theatre shows filmed in the latest virtual reality technology. You can enjoy this unique viewing experience from the comfort of your own home, whilst also supporting local theatre venues and arts organizations. The platform brings a unique, immersive theatre experience for the audience whilst simultaneously ensuring that much needed income is driven back to the theatre production companies and venues who need it.

Arts & Entertainments
Date - 2023
Location - United Kingdom
Photo credits - BOVR
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