May 11, 2022

The Use of Digital Twins in Aged Care Services

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Aged care services faced a challenge in 2020 to 2021 with restrictions and lockdowns in place, preventing families and contacts visiting the residents.

This was also impacting the way they can market the aged care home as visitors were restricted from coming to the site to inspect what they’re thinking of purchasing or renting for their family.

This is where technology and a digital twin could help connect aged care providers, residents, and their families.

Catholic Healthcare is one of the aged care service providers in Australia. We’ve provided a digital twin service for a couple of their aged care locations in New South Wales.

Our 3D scan service provided a property visualisation and walk through that can be embedded into their website to Catholic Healthcare market their available spaces and features of each site to their potential clients.

This helps potential clients to inspect the site without physically visiting during lockdown.

Each space can also be overlaid with tags to explain features and more detailed description.

This service also provided Catholic Healthcare with high resolution photos of the space, in any angle across 360 degrees, reducing the workflow and cost to hire professional photographer to capture the space for marketing material.

3D walkthroughs and high-resolution visualisation is just one of many aspects of a Digital Twin. It’s the first step to help potential residents or family of the current resident to visualise and get connected to the space.

If we were to continue this project into the phase 2, then we would create the other aspects of digital twin, which would be:

Assets Management

  • This would be a management tool for the aged care provider to manage their assets or spaces based on who lives in it and which one that is free.
  • This then can be visualised in the 3D scan to show which space or asset is occupied and which one is free.
sample assets management screen

Access Management

  • This would allow families and residents to arrange visitation more effectively. This would allow control of the number of visitors at one time to manage a better flow of traffic.
sample access pass on mobile

Community Engagement

  • Digital twin would also be useful for residents where they can find schedules or other engagements or services provided by the aged care provider.
  • It would be a place where age care provider, residents and others come to interact.
community engagement on mobile

We would expect that if residents and their families would interact, they won't need to interact within the digital twin platform, since they have private messaging or video apps on their mobile phones.

We hope more and more aged care providers look into more digital twins and the opportunity to enhance their services to improve their marketing efforts and help connect their residents to their family digitally.

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