July 13, 2022

Beyond the Stage: Enter a New Dimension with Box Office VR

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Welcome back to our second episode of 42 Tech Friday!  

Theatre houses had to call off many productions and it leads to a big financial loss for both the creators, workers and the performers.Thanks to the internet everything was made possible, many industries forced their way to the digital platform that allows flexibility. This is where the innovations of technology and the use of virtual reality come into play and can reintroduce the theatre stage to an audience once again! Box Office VR is where the creative technology and traditional theatre industry meets, the platforms offer a unique immersive theatre experience to the audience.

On the platform you will be able to see the latest theatre shows filmed with the latest virtual reality technology, which allows the viewers to experience watching their favourite shows in 180° views, audience can buy tickets for current international touring theatre shows filmed in virtual reality.

For more information about Box Office VR please check out their website here: https://boxofficevr.com/

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