December 20, 2022

Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy New Year 2023

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Another year full of surprises is coming to an end. This year has been filled with incredible growth in both clients/partners and team members and I have been excited about the new year and the coming years.

Throughout this year, there have been some amazing accomplishments that I’m proud to share with you.

International Towers

Algolia - An API platform that helps increase search speed and create a better experience on a website or app. 42 Interactive development team have succeeded in implementing Algolia for International Towers [] Partner Portal specifically in People and Organisation lists and Global search [making search list of people and organisation faster]. We have implemented one of Algolia's features named Rank Search on Global search, which is useful to make it easier and faster to search for something related to people or organisation.

. NET core 6.0 Upgrade - We migrated the International Towers Partner Portal platform to the latest version of .NET core 6.0 to ensure the platform's stability and compliance with Microsoft's latest code-based framework.


We are working with Craveable, Red Rooster brand [] as an integrated development partner to make a more robust, fast, and safe online ordering platform. We provide strategic insights into the overall Red Rooster backend platform architecture and online ordering system to ensure a smooth online user experience from start to POS.

We are helping our client transforming their digital ecosystem including a more robust RR ordering website and mobile applications (iOS and Android) by reviewing key UX elements while the user is ordering online - We integrated with Kerbside and Doordash to speed up the food deliveries, adding a new revenue stream for our client and more delivery options for the user.

We are keeping RR mobile applications up to date including compliance with Apple and Google providers, as well as the client’s third parties SDKs. Working alongside with their design agency, we are implementing an ever-changing and improved order and purchase user journey, from a UX/UI perspective and technology perspective.

Latham Australia

We have helped Latham ( to boost their products user experience by adding a 3D model viewer and Augmented Reality (AR) viewer for their stairs nosing products. These products are best visualised in the real environment to get the best option available for the interior designers or architects designing spaces with stairs. This AR enabled 3D viewer is a custom viewer we've developed after finding current AR 3D viewers are either have a very high subscription cost or very limited in its functionalities.

Global R&D

Global R&D []is a new company working in Research and Development Tax incentives. They would like to have a fresh design for their website that's still resembles their branding, however not too corporate cliche, because they would like to widen their target market to a younger and broader audience. Plenty of startup companies need R&D Tax help, and that's where Global R&D can help, and we're hoping that our refreshed design would help them to reach wider audience.

Innovate Pain Clinic

This year has been a busy year for our business Neurotechnology. We've launched Innovate Pain Clinic (, a drug free and surgery free pain clinic. Aimed at helping people with chronic pain to manage their pain more effectively using Virtual Reality psychotherapy and neuroplasticity. The clinic has been a success with our clients walking out of the session with their pain reduced and some have their pain completely gone in a couple of sessions. More clinic hopefully will pop out in different cities and regions around Australia next year.

Waterfield - Strategyconnect

Strategyconnect is a cloud-based application that allows the easy monitoring and visual tracking of an organization's Strategy Map. Waterfield asked 42Interactive to work with Amazon Security Partner WOLK [a boutique AWS-centric, cloud-based services provider] as they are migrating the Strategyconnect application to a new Amazon Web server and database instance.

Box Office VR [BOVR]

BOVR []is an online platform where you can watch the latest theatre shows filmed in virtual reality technology. Our development team assisted the business in using the latest VR technology to provide viewers with a unique experience from the comfort of their own homes. The ability to see a show in VR gives users a feeling of being in the room with the actors, providing an immersive experience that is not possible with traditional movie watching. In addition, our Marketing team helped to establish BOVR’s digital presence by creating compelling content that helped raise brand awareness and introduce the company to potential audiences.

The White Rabbit Gallery

The White Rabbit gallery, founded by Judith Neilson, is a contemporary Chinese art gallery located in Sydney, Australia. It features incredible contemporary Chinese artworks that always manage to leave an emotional connection with its visitors. We are proud to had the opportunity to work for their 2 projects called “I Loved You” and “Big in China” using a virtual tour technology and a Matterport scan. [].

London Tech Week

In June we were lucky enough to be able to participate in and attend the London Tech Week 2022 Trade Mission as part of many Australian businesses supported by both the Australian and UK Governments. []

The event was located in the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, but with numerous events around London, including a tech Australia evening at Australia House in the Strand and a Global Entrepreneur Programme Masterclass at Lancaster House.

The London weather was kind and we look forward to being able to attend again in 2023.

5 Year Milestone

In September 2022 we hit a milestone in our history as we celebrated five years since the inception of 42interactive. We look forward to celebrating further milestones and achievements with the team in the coming years. []


We've grown our team during 2022 and intend to grow further in 2023 adding team members with the 42 interactive mindset and great creative technology ability, which will, in turn, allow us to increase the capacity of our offerings.

Whats Ahead

We look ahead to 2023 excitedly as we look to build more experiences for our partners with creative technology as well as expanding our offerings with both desktop and mobile as well as enhance our current creative technology in the virtual and augmented reality technology to support our partners going forward.

Watch out for our regular blog and social media updates to stay up to date with the latest goings on in creative technology and the 42 interactive businesses and teams.

All that is left for us to say is we wish you and your loved ones A Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to driving Creative Technology experiences forward with our amazing team and partners in 2023