January 17, 2024

When My Role Was Temporarily Handed Over to an Avatar

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Nine months ago, we introduced "Runa", our innovative AI avatar host, taking you on an immersive journey into the world of Quality Assurance [QA]. In a unique experiment, she even temporarily took on the role of one of our team members.

At 42 Interactive, we specialise in both manual and automated testing for digital products, ensuring stability and readiness for customers. Runa, with her AI capabilities, has allowed us to explore the potential of AI-generated content in quality assurance testing. By integrating Runa’s AI features, we’ve elevated our testing processes, guaranteeing greater precision in our work – with a focus on detail and quality control that will guarantee trust and profitability.

Join Runa as she unfolds the intricate world of quality assurance as a service. So take a moment, relax and let Runa be your guide through this captivating journey.

As we reflect on the past nine months, we eagerly anticipate the evolving landscape of AI in the next nine months.

Stay tuned for more innovations!

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