June 1, 2022

Beyond Photography: Crafting Engaging Property Virtual Tours

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

As the world of property business gets more competitive and fast-paced, virtual tours for property businesses have become an essential sales tool. New technologies enable businesses to create virtual tours that are directly accessible to customers through websites, apps, or smartphones.

Property virtual tours are a fantastic way to show off your property to potential customers without having to physically go to the property – a perfect solution during times of social distancing.

Property virtual tours

What is a Property Virtual Tour?

A property virtual tour is exactly what it sounds like: an online tour of a property. Fortunately, we have digital and mobile technology to be able to share a virtual tour.

Customers will be attracted to a property that has stunning pictures, and a video tour should increase those numbers as well. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, the majority of customers looked for properties online, and since then, virtual tour requests have skyrocketed.

While you may be familiar to performing in-person tours, implementing virtual tours during social distancing will actually improve your marketing and help speed up the process. A virtual tour will also save you time because you only have to make it once, and customers will be able to explore properties in detail from a safe distance.

Why Property Virtual Tour Make Sense Today

Property virtual tours are gaining popularity because they enable property companies to:

  • Assure you stand out from the crowd.
  • Increase the number of potential customers with less work and budget.
  • Encourage and motivate for potential customers.
  • Allow customers to view property from a distance.
  • Give potential customers a simple way to receive answers to particular inquiries online and build a solid relationship before they meet in person.

Create Property Virtual Tour

Creating a virtual tour of a property is not as difficult as it sounds. It is also not as expensive as creating a video tour. A simple video tour created with a smartphone will work and will save you money on obtaining recording equipment, but it may not offer the richer experiences and interactivity (such as hot spots or click to call functionality).

While it is suitable for building a virtual tour at a low cost with your existing iPhone, taking it to the next level and creating a stunningly attractive walkthrough may need more technological aids. This equipment includes a 360 camera, a high-quality camera stand, and an investment in video editing software.

If you want a more professional-looking virtual tour, use an app like Matterport, which allows you to capture a 3D representation of your space using your phone or a standard camera.

Hiring a professional may also be the best option if you want to be as efficient as possible. Because this is their area of expertise, they will be able to obtain the essential photographs and scans from the best angles possible without the learning curve required with doing it yourself.

During the shoot, a professional company will use high-quality cameras and know how to capture the desired features of the property.

They use more sophisticated design and editing capabilities to improve the virtual tour experience and encourage clients to learn more. Aerial drone photography is also available from certain professionals to highlight neighbourhoods, scenery, and amenities.

Share Your Virtual Tour

Once you've completed your property virtual tour, your chosen program will send you a link to your tour, which is kept in the cloud. You will also receive a link to embed the tour on your website or social media platforms.

You may add this to your website and drive visitors to it with paid advertising from Google or Facebook, allowing you to advertise your listing while also generating leads.

Property virtual tours

Final Thought

Today, property virtual tours are important to continuing to do business. Creating an experience for potential consumers that highlights the property and allows them to visit it at their convenience increases the property's appeal and, ultimately, leads to engagement and a sale.

A virtual tour allows potential buyers to visualise what a visit to a property in person would be like.

Virtual tours are ideal for businesses who wish to present a property utilising cutting-edge marketing technologies, advertise their properties without relying solely on in-person activities.

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