January 31, 2024

42 Interactive Insights: Solutions for Small Businesses in Tech and Web Development

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Looking back to October 2023, we flew nearly our entire team to Bali for a collaborative brainstorming session and also hosted our COO, Rob Collins, for a podcast.

During the podcast, he discussed the significance of online presence for small businesses in today’s digital era. He also explored the technological challenges they might encounter and highlighted how 42 Interactive can provide effective solutions to overcome the challenges.

42 Interactive’s development services are unique compared to others, distinguishing itself as a leading digital agency dedicated to delivering bespoke digital solutions. Our commitment involves a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and businesses. We don’t merely build websites, we craft digital experiences. Our team remains consistently updated on the latest technology and trends, guaranteeing that our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Tech and Web Development Challenges Small Businesses Face and How We Address Them

Small businesses often face challenges such as lack of technical expertise, outdated websites, or websites not being optimised for mobile. We address these challenges through a tailored consultative approach, offering expert consultations for website designs and ensuring mobile optimisation. Our goal is to guarantee that our clients maintain a consistent and effective online presence.

Why Consistent Online Presence is Important for Small Businesses?

A consistent online presence for small businesses is crucial to build trust, engage with their audience and stay relevant. Recognising that small businesses may lack of resources to consistently update their online presence, 42 Interactive helps them by offering comprehensive support & maintenance packages, along with content management solutions. Our aim is to ensure our clients’ online presence remains vibrant and engaged.

Success Stories of Small Businesses Using Our Website Development Services

42 Interactive has worked with a diverse range of clients, ranging from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses [SMB]. One notable success story involves a health and beauty business aiming to broaden its reach. We enhanced their online booking and ordering platform, improved website designs, and overall user experience. This success not only facilitated growth, but also enabled the business to open a second location.

Source: 42 Interactive

How are We Prepared to Provide Best Solutions to Our Clients?

The future of web development holds exciting prospects, especially with the integration of technologies such as virtual reality [VR], augmented reality [AR], and artificial intelligence [AI].

Fortunately, we’ve been actively contributing to this future by delivering AR solutions to one of our clients, Latham Australia. We’ve implemented AR solutions for their construction manufacturing parts, catering to the needs of architects and property professionals.

In addition, our involvement in two noteworthy projects in the realm of VR further underscores our commitment to innovation. One project involves a MedTech product designed for chronic pain treatment, collaborating with Neurotechnology and the Innovate Pain Clinic in Sydney. Here, we used VR to offer advanced treatment solutions for chronic pain.

The second venture takes us to the UK, where we’ve established a joint venture named Box Office VR. We’ve developed a VR platform for theatres, enabling them to showcase performances in a virtual space. Whether it’s a grand western performance or a smaller performance, our platform adds a unique dimension to the theatrical experience.

These are truly exciting times in the realms of VR and AR, with AI, notably ChatGPT and OpenAI, taking centre stage in recent discussions. Our team is actively engaged in these dynamic advancements, conducting experiments with AI, LLM, and computer vision. We are exploring innovative ways to integrate these cutting-edge technologies into our partner collaborations, software, and solutions.

Source: https://bit.ly/3Ogo9kL

Our Plans to Expand Our Services in Indonesia

Over the past six years, the majority of our clients have been located in Australia, the US, and we’ve recently established a presence in Japan over the last 12 months, as we aim to expand our clientele in Japan in the coming months.

Given that a significant portion of our team is based in Indonesia, we are actively seeking opportunities to assist Indonesian businesses. Leveraging the expertise and creative technology of our local team, we aspire to enhance the digital experiences of Indonesian businesses with our experience and creative technology.

In the near future, we look forward to establishing connections with new clients in Indonesia.

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