October 18, 2023

Exploring The Beauty: A Voyage Inside the White Rabbit Gallery

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Have you ever wondered that a 3D scanning technology can bring out the best of art and to preserve the beauty of it?

The White Rabbit art gallery is a premier destination for anyone interested in 21st-century Chinese contemporary art. With over 3000 works by 700 different artists, the collection offers something for everyone. The gallery was founded by Judith Neilson, who was inspired to establish it after her first trips to Beijing in the late 1990s. She was thrilled by the idea of a society that is so different from what she had seen in Australia.

Source: 42 Interactive

It was opened in 2009 to display a significant collection of contemporary Chinese art. Dedicated to 21st century artworks, it features Chinese contemporary art and has a solid emotional connection with its visitors. The showcases at the gallery will change every season to feature unique topics, and the building's structure will also be adapted to fit the needs of each new exhibit. This means that visitors can expect to see something new and different every time they come to the museum.

Recently, we had the privilege once again to conduct 3D scan of their two extraordinary exhibitions, called “Shuo Shu” and “I Am The People”. We used Matterport, a popular 3D scanning software to scan the gallery and each piece of art. Matterport is a technology platform that allows for the creation of 3D digital models of physical spaces using a specialised camera and software.

Source: 42 Interactive

Shuo Shu Exhibition

This exhibition is about the art of storytelling. However, in recent years, the ancient art of Shuo Shu [the art of storytelling] has become a dying tradition. Contemporary Chinese audiences have instead turned their attention to digital content – leaving this traditional practice in the shadows.

During the scanning process, we encountered a distinctive challenge on the gallery’s fourth floor. The artwork had been meticulously arranged in a circular layout, crafting an immersive and captivating experience for visitors.

The challenge presented itself in scanning this circular exhibit without risking any damage to the fragile artwork. Any misjudgement could potentially disrupt the intended flow and diminish the future experience of gallery visitors. With utmost care and precision, we navigated the space, deftly maneuvering the Matterport scanner to guarantee accuracy without any disturbance.

It was a trial demanding both patience and precision, yet the result worth every effort invested. The scan impeccably encapsuled the essence of “Shuo Shu”, retaining the art’s intricate details and faithfully preserving the immersive ambience that the gallery had set out to convey.

I Am The People Exhibition

This exhibition is about highlighting both the struggles and the aspirations of all the Chinese People.

"I Am The People" proved to be another enthralling exhibition within the White Rabbit Gallery, featuring thought-provoking artworks that resonated deeply with the soul. On this occasion, we faced a distinct challenge - mirrors. Numerous artworks incorporated mirrors, introducing a layer of depth and intricacy to the overall experience.

Scanning artworks containing mirrors demands a gentle touch. The reflections they cast have the potential to distort the final scan, underscoring the importance of a discreet approach in capturing the essence of the artwork. This challenge was particularly conspicuous on the gallery's top floor, where one piece of art was entirely composed of mirrors.

Matterport scanners, much like any technological tool, can encounter challenges when dealing with highly reflective surfaces. I had to employ inventive techniques and strategic angles to minimise my own presence within the reflections while simultaneously ensuring a thorough scan. It requires both precision and patience, all with the goal of ensuring that the mirrors enhanced rather than detracted from the quality of the final scan.


Despite the challenges we faced during the scan for both exhibitions and the capabilities of Matterport scanning technology, we successfully captured and preserved the intricate details, textures, and dimensions of artistic creations at the White Rabbit Gallery. We not only enhance our understanding and appreciation of art but also ensure that its splendor remains timeless, accessible, and cherished by generations to come.

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