January 18, 2023

Accelerate Time-to-Market: Benefits of QA as a Service

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Software Quality Assurance (QA) is an integrated part of Software Industry.

A quality assurance analyst main focus is to identify all issues that have been overlooked during the tight deadline in software life cycle, such as between production and deployment phases. The majority of industries could have a team of programming specialists working under heavy pressure and spend extra hours to make the application is ready to be released.

However, when delivering the application, it may be seen as a low-quality product even before the programmer begins typing their first line of code.

There are many approaches that can be applied to have a successful software development and delivery. One of which that is important to have and has been proven able to achieve that success across many customers engagement is by having a Quality Assurance. They are the key elements that outlines and maintains the standards and ensures that both knowledge and practices are recorded and shared thoroughly across many departments in the production division.

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Why You Need QA

In regards of software testing, either a web app or a stand-alone application, QA is needed to achieve a successful project implementation and delivery. We understand that clients need constant help with QA services but they may also need resource loading flexibility.QA-as-a-service (QaaS) model gives you the capacity and capability to better able launched reliable applications that offer a satisfying customer experience. QaaS providers can offer a wide range of testing services across multiple platforms while adhering to multiple testing techniques.

The Benefits of QA as a Service:

Your organisation is free from long term contracts and without being committed to maintain staff levels, and still having the flexible peak/off peak resource loading models

  • If you already have an in-house QA, the service provider’s experience that have worked with many types of clients and industries and their tried-and-true processes can improve the quality of your in-house QA as well as their testing procedures
  • You can skip the basics of QA onboarding and dive right into the specifics of your organisation’s software and business requirements
  • Allowing you to reduce application development costs by getting an on-demand testing and QA assistance at the same time
  • Empowering your Dev team and allowing you to better allocate your internal technical resources

Our QaaS:

Automated Testing

We have the capability to create an automated test scripts to thoroughly assess every step of the software development cycle. Automated Test is a great choice to have better software in tight deadline while maintaining a high level of regression testing

Manual Testing

This is a comprehensive service that covers the most popular feature testing, which includes UI, functionality, user acceptance, error handling, and security testing

Web & Mobile

Our QA team is designed to integrate the best QA practices into your project development schedule, be it for website, web app or mobile app

Performance Testing

We will go above and beyond to ensure both your applications and servers have the highest level of performance, stability, scalability and responsiveness. Utilisation of our QA can maximise the user-friendliness of your applications

QA Consulting & Analysis

At the basic, we are able to quickly identify all the speed bumps and talent gaps in your QA development process through the expertise of our QA Consultants. We can provide you with the best testing processes, methodologies, and technologies for your needs

Success Stories

Developing an administrative site for a large Commercial property portfolio

We had the opportunity to create an administration site from scratch on a large Commercial property in Australia. The site will be complex, with features ranging from registration to payments and security. We need to not only build these features but also assure their quality. That's where QA comes in, making sure everything works properly and meets the client's expectations. QA will also create documentation to guide the client on how to use the site.

Re-building the digital site of Australia’s big chicken brand

We've been working on a few things like managing data, creating features, and building mobile applications for a big brand fried chicken franchise. We're in charge of re-building the site and merging the order and brand sites into one. This includes dealing with payments, maintaining data, etc. Plus, our QA team is responsible for making sure the quality is up to par before we hand it back to the client. We need to make sure the integration between the new site and the application is working properly.


Technology is being developed at an unprecedented rate and has become a integral part of our lives. New software development trends are being rapidly adopted and applied to create better or new technology products. The success of any software product (web app, mobile app, stand-alone app, etc.) is greatly reliant on the quality and user experience it can provide. In the software development life cycle, there is typically a mandatory phase of testing before the product is released to the general public.

Unfortunately, many software companies make the mistake of thinking that the software they've developed will run perfectly without any errors. This can cause big problems down the line when things don't go as smoothly as planned. To make matters worse, many businesses see the testing phase and QA as unnecessary and often cut corners or skip this stage entirely to save on costs.

Quality assurance is a key element of successful software development and delivery. It establishes and maintains standards, and ensures that knowledge and practices are recorded and shared thoroughly across departments in production. Quality assurance is important to have because it has been proven able to achieve success across many customer engagements.

The software testing phase is not just about testing the product. It's about increasing your business value. QA's focus is on process and problem solving, not just on providing test results. QA is the role of testers, but also of those who solve problems.