June 28, 2023

The International Towers - Mobile Access Pass

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Mobile Access Pass - An innovative solution to allow organisations and industries to effectively respond to the increasing needs of a world that prioritises mobile technology.

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying a physical access card! With new technological advancements, you can now use your mobile phone or smartwatch to easily gain entry into facilities with simple gestures like tapping or twisting. This modern solution not only makes access effortless but also brings added benefits such as increased security and flexibility for users on-the-go. Make the switch today and experience the future of facility access control at your fingertips!

The International Towers is a leading commercial property management company based in Sydney, Australia. They manage the International Tower commercial buildings located in the bustling Barangaroo area of Sydney. The complex consists of three high-rise buildings and is a hub for businesses in the finance, technology, and professional services industries.

International Towers is planning to integrate Mobile Access Pass with their premise management system in a customised manner. Their web-based management system and iOS/Android apps will incorporate the Mobile Access Pass solution as the primary means of accessing the building, in addition to offering a range of features, rewards, and information for tenants.

Source: 42 Interactive

These are benefits of having mobile access pass: 

Enhance Convenience

Tired of carrying a physical access card? Switch to using your mobile phone or smartwatch for easy facility access with simple gestures like "Tap" or "Twist & Go," and enjoy the benefits.

Boost Efficiency

By utilising our customised online premise management portal or tailored integration with your current management system, administrators can create, manage, issue, and revoke credentials through the cloud.

Maximise Security

Our solution operates on a highly secure and dependable cloud platform, utilising HID's Seos credential technology - a globally trusted brand for security.


Ensure the safety of employees and staff with wireless provisioning and native touch-free capabilities.

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