July 12, 2023

QA Perspective for Red Rooster Brand Merge Website

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Discover how Cypress Automated Testing helped streamline Red Rooster's brand and ordering websites in a successful merging project.

This case study highlights the benefits of leveraging automated testing to simplify complex projects, reduce errors, and consistently deliver high-quality results. Learn more about how this innovative tool can help your business optimise its operations, strengthen customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in today's competitive digital landscape.

Craveable Brands is a Franchisor company that owns three iconic Australian food brands: Red Rooster, Oporto, and Chicken Treat. In this project, we focus on the development of the Red Rooster website. Those who are unfamiliar with Red Rooster, it is an Australian chain of fast-food restaurants that specialises in roast chicken. It was founded in 1972 and has over 360 locations across Australia.

As a QA engineer, we encountered a major obstacle during the merging project - regression testing. This was particularly challenging due to the amalgamation of two websites, which included multiple functionalities, integrations and user flows that had to be meticulously examined for seamless and error-free operation. However, using traditional manual testing methods proved to be time-consuming, labor-intensive and vulnerable to human error. This presented significant challenges in terms of meeting project deadlines while ensuring adequate quality control for the merged website.

Source: 42 Interactive

To tackle the complexities of regression testing, we made a strategic decision to use Cypress, a cutting-edge and potent end-to-end testing framework. With Cypress on board, we were able to automate our testing process effectively and ensure that it was both robust and dependable. Our approach encompassed creating an extensive set of automated tests using Cypress that explored various scenarios. These included user-related flows, product browsing experiences, cart functionalities, checkout processes - as well as integrations with third-party services- all thoroughly tested by our comprehensive suite of Cypress automated tests.

The incorporation of the Cypress automated testing tool revolutionised our merging project. Thanks to its capabilities, we were able to enhance our testing efficiency significantly by running tests simultaneously across various browsers and devices, thereby reducing the testing duration considerably. Additionally, Cypress offered us comprehensive test reports that enabled us to quickly identify and rectify any potential problems, therefore guaranteeing a top-quality merged website with enhanced functionality.

Cypress testing framework has been a lifesaver for our QA team, especially when it comes to creating and maintaining tests. With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, even those with limited programming experience can easily navigate and use the platform to write test scripts. The syntax of Cypress is both clear and descriptive, meaning that even non-technical team members can quickly understand what's happening in the code which encourages collaboration across teams. This allows all parties involved to make informed decisions about any improvements or changes that might be required during development cycles - making everyone's job easier!

Utilising Cypress automated testing in our merging project proved to be a game-changer for our development team. With its fast feedback loop, developers were able to validate the functionality and integration of different components and modules of the newly merged website reliably and efficiently. The Cypress tests acted as a safety net during the development process, allowing developers to quickly detect any issues before they made it into production - this saved countless hours that would have otherwise been spent troubleshooting bugs later on. Whether running locally or on a continuous integration server, utilising Cypress testing helped developers identify flaws early in the development cycle so that they could dedicate their time towards improving overall product quality rather than constantly fixing errors after deployment.

Source: 42 Interactive

Thanks to the fast feedback loop provided by Cypress, our development team was able to quickly identify and resolve any bugs, errors or inconsistencies in real-time. This meant that we could spend less time debugging and fixing issues later on in the project, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined development process overall. With faster identification and resolution of problems, we were able to improve code quality and increase stability for the merged website - ultimately contributing towards a more successful end product.

Thorough Cypress's testing reports, developers were able to identify issues quickly and take corrective actions. This collaborative approach between QA and development teams resulted in better communication and coordination, thereby enhancing the integration of brand and ordering websites. The ability to catch bugs early using Cypress automated testing allowed for fewer errors in production environments, resulting in a stable website for Red Rooster's customers. As a result of this effort, the team was able to deliver a reliable product that exceeded expectations while working collaboratively and seamlessly through every phase of development.

Overall, the integration of Cypress automated testing proved to be beneficial for the QA team in guaranteeing the website's quality, and it also provided precious insights for the development team. By quickly identifying issues and enhancing code quality, they could improve their overall development process. With Red Rooster's successful implementation of Cypress automated testing, they were able to seamlessly merge both their brand and ordering websites, providing an elevated online experience for loyal customers while establishing themselves as a leader in the fast-food industry. This achievement undoubtedly proves how incorporating advanced technologies can bolster any company's performance and success rate.

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