December 14, 2022

Decoding UX and UI: Understanding the Differences in Design

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Innovation is part of what makes us human, and UX/UI innovation is the extension of that nature. The current design trends and standards are the result of years of evolution and improvement, starting with the text-based websites that had no design. Although many innovations are welcome, not all change is good. UX innovation that resulted in websites that aren't user-friendly is an example of the innovation that isn't welcome because it only feeds the designer's ego.

As designers, we have a responsibility to continually improve design patterns to create a better user experience. This means staying up-to-date on the latest trends, being open to feedback, and constantly testing and iterating. By doing this, we can ensure that our designs are always providing the best possible experience for users.

Innovating on behalf of customers is always in style. A company or organisation must have a first-rate innovation team and set them up to make a noteworthy impact—on their own organisations, their industries, and society at large. It is important to have roles that have a specific focus on innovation. Such roles usually include:

  • UX
  • UI, and
  • Innovative Tech Solutions


What is UX Design?

UX design, or "user experience design," is a process used by designers to create products that are not only effective, but also delightful to their end users. This process involves the entire product lifecycle, from acquisition and integration of the product's brand, design, usability and functions, to the users' experience with the product. UX is applicable to both physical and digital products.

What is a UI Design?

User interface design is almost similar, yet often confused, with UX. UI has a different role with UX. UI design team aims to create a software or computerised devices' interface that is easy to use and pleasurable for the end users. It can be used to design the interface between a human and a computer. In the process of designing a UI, a designer usually takes into account user experience (UX) as well as usability. UI design is a lot more than just graphic design. It is the design of screens, which are used for: Navigation and control. Visual communication Systems that interact with people.

An effective user interface design allows users to complete their desired tasks without drawing too much attention to the design itself. Good graphic design and typography support the usability of the interface, making it easier for users to perform certain actions and improving the overall look and feel of the design. However, it is important to strike a balance between the technical functionality and visual elements of the design, so that the resulting system is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to changing user needs.


What is an Innovative Tech Solutions?

Innovative Technology Solution is a service providing such as technology consulting, ERP solution, etc by identifying and giving you new ideas and methods to produce high-quality products/services.  

It is necessary for digital businesses because of these capabilities:

  • Solving existing problems
  • Generating business value for both the organisation and its customers/clients
  • Helping the market understand that the business/brand is capable of achieving remarkable milestone
  • Integrating new technologies with market demands
  • Gaining business traction
  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition

In relation to this, 42 Interactive provides Innovative Technology Solution such as VR, AR and interactive apps for events, exhibitions or permanent installations. We develop and integrate complex website systems or platforms, mobile apps and eCommerce development.

Benefits of UX and UI for Innovative Tech Solutions?

Usability testing is the most important factor in developing innovative tech solutions. It's a crucial process of evaluating, testing and refining the user interface of a product. User interface, or UI for short, is the part of a software or a device that interacts with the user, and determines whether or not the device or software is easy to use.



Most people are able to quickly adapt to technological advances because it is becoming an integral part of modern life. However, when a UX designer, UI developer or any other Innovative Tech Solutions provider proposing an innovation, they should consider whether or not it will improve user's experience. This is an important factor since it can be an indicator of their work's originality. If the proposed innovation does not improve user's experience, then it's not an innovation nor solving a problem but just a design expression.

Your product's UX and UI design are important because it's the first thing users would experience initial impression of your product. If the interface has great visual design, it can help make a strong first impression that engages users, improves usability, and strengthens brand perception. Good visual design can build trust and interest from users.

A lot of products or services can give the feeling of being monotonous and the same between one and another since there are a lot of good design resources out there that are designed with universal design patterns.. When designers can come up with something different and innovative, it can break the lack of variety in user experience. Designers need to make sure that whatever innovations they include in their designs lead to an improvement in user experience. The ultimate purpose of innovation is to design an interface that is easy, efficient, relevant and all-round pleasant for the user.

Our team will create innovative technology solutions for all type of businesses. We will work with you and ensure that your website provides the best user experience and meets your business objectives.

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