May 24, 2023

International Towers' Hubspot CMS Development and Integration

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International Towers' Partner Portal provides an enhanced user experience by allowing users to access information provided by Hubspot's Content Management System.

The International Towers is a leading commercial property management company based in Sydney, Australia. They manage the International Tower commercial buildings located in the bustling Barangaroo area of Sydney. The complex consists of three high-rise buildings and is a hub for businesses in the finance, technology, and professional services industries.

The International Towers faced several challenges related to content management on their partner portal prior to integrating Hubspot. These problems included difficulties in adding and managing content, aligning content with the existing website design, and updating content in real-time. Content segregation for precinct and tenancy was also difficult to manage. By integrating Hubspot, The International Towers were able to overcome these challenges and provide a better experience for their partners.

What’s on detail page – Content Managed using Hubspot

The International Towers is constantly striving to develop innovative ways to help content managers create and manage content more easily and efficiently. One cutting-edge solution that The International Towers has adopted is the integration of Hubspot with their internal Partner Portal. This integration allows for content to be automatically updated and displayed in real-time on Partnerportal, giving users quick and easy access to the most relevant information.

The benefits of integrating Hubspot and their Portal include:

Streamlined content management

The International Towers were able to add, manage, and update content on their partner portal more efficiently and effectively with the integration of Hubspot. Segregation of specific content for their users can be managed by their content and community managers easily.

Improved user experience

The integration of the Partner Portal and Hubspot resulted in a more cohesive and user-friendly experience for Portal users. The content that they read on the public website will also be available on the portal with more exclusive content.

Enhanced reporting and analytics

Hubspot's reporting and analytics allowed The International Towers to see how their partner portal was performing, so they could make decisions based on data and keep improving their content strategy.

Hubspot dashboard & report

The integration between Hubspot and Partnerportal helped The International Towers improve their content management efficiency and enhance the user experience on their website. This made it easier for their partners to find the information they need, and made the website more user-friendly overall.

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