October 12, 2022

Promote and Prosper: Key Strategies for Mobile App Success

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Nowadays, there are more than a million apps for iOS users and more than 2 million apps for Android users..... and further still, there are still plenty more outside of the official app stores. Additionally, over 80% of the people around the world own a smartphone and some even own more than one. These people could spend to almost 6 hours per day on their phones.

The above numbers is showing us the importance of businesses to go mobile. More than 50% small businesses, as well as large corporations have their own mobile app for both iOS and Android users. Marketing for mobile app may seem similar to traditional digital marketing, but strategising the marketing of a mobile app is actually different. Your mobile app needs to stand out among the thousands of the already existing app.

Below are several strategies we think you need to know to effectively promote your mobile app:


The first strategy is to make users interested in your app. Create a download page for your app as well as a banner on other pages that redirects users to that download page. Keep the page short and interesting with a download link to your app in the app stores. This is to achieve brand awareness, build authority and increase your product's credibility. By adding more information, such as a Q & A section on your page, you are increasing visibility for your app.

Many brands create a web page to list their app's benefit and features. Additionally, an effective SEO strategy could improve your website to be displayed at the top of a search engine's search results. High rank with great app visibility in the web page is important to promote your app.

Social Media

You can connect to your users via social media. So, this is a must to promote your app. This can be done by either create a social media account then follow people within your target audience and industry. Try not to overdo promoting your app. Connect with your users instead. Joining in on the chat from time to time to let your users know that your account is active. Or, if this is perhaps too much effort, you can have a paid promotion. Facebook and Instagram are known to be an effective social media platform for an effective advertisement for a mobile app. Since Instagram is now under Meta, same as Facebook, it will be easy to put app install ads on both.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/QFZ_72_NxIQ

App Store Optimisation

This is the Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in the mobile app world. It is very important for your app to be discoverable in the already crowded app store. First, your app name needs to be unique yet easy to find. Then, optimise the keyword for your app by using only relevant keywords. Next, provide your app with a clear description and it is frequently updated. After that, include at least 3-4 screenshots of your app highlighting the key features that can attract users' attention. Lastly, make an effort to get positive rating for your app.

In-app and Online Ads

In-app and online ads are the strategy you use to reach the users who are not active or is not using any social media. Statistically, 33% of users learn about other apps while using other app. This can be an effective method rather than just using search engine ads.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/0ZUoBtLw3y4

Feature on Mobile App Review Sites

Reach out to mobile app review sites. However, you must first ensure that your app is good enough to be reviewed by them. Once your app has got some good reviews your app will be featured on their website. Getting good reviews about your app is an easy way to capitalise on other site's traffic.

Do The Unexpected

In the digital world, it is rarely successful to do things offline to achieve the expected results. However, there are still plenty of other methods out there that can be carried out to promote your mobile application. Just by making your users feel special, you can expect mouth-to-mouth promotion which could lead to a lot of downloads and even great social media exposure. Do the unexpected and amazing results can come of it.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/apple-office-internet-ipad-38544/


Promoting your app is as important as developing it. But, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money to promote your mobile app sometimes time, effort and hardwork will get you great results too. You just need to properly design a strategy to promote it. The above strategies can be combined and mixed to be more effective so that you can get excellent results.

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