April 19, 2023

AWS Migration Done Right: Waterfield & 42 Interactive Study

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How we balance between developing and executing a strategy, while connecting a team in the process to own and action it.

Finding the balance between strategy development and execution can be challenging, especially when it comes to engaging and mobilising your team. However, successful leaders understand the importance of creating a shared vision that everyone feels connected to and empowered by.

The key is to involve your team in both the planning and implementation stages so they feel invested in the strategy's success. Building trust and open communication within your team will help ensure that everyone understands their role in making this strategy a reality while maintaining focus on achieving goals through collective action. In summary, effective leadership requires striking a balance between developing a sound strategy while fostering teamwork that collectively owns its implementation from inception to delivery with measurable progress checkpoints along the way towards ultimate success!

Waterfield is a company that helps businesses create and execute a clear strategy map for future growth. Proud to have pioneered the use of facilitation as an approach to guide organisations through change. The Waterfield team consists of experts in various industries who work together with you to develop tailored plans that will lead your business towards ultimate success. Whether it's streamlining operations, improving customer satisfaction rates or expanding into new markets – they are with you every step of the way!

This approach has been tested multiple times and proven to be significantly quicker and more successful than other change management methods.

Waterfield asked 42 Interactive to work with WOLK [a boutique AWS-centric, cloud-based service provider] Migrating Strategyconnect application [https://application.strategyconnect.com.au/login] to a new Amazon Web Server [AWS] and database instance.

The main objective of this project is to restructure the AWS solution in accordance with AWS best practices, ensuring that our client application leverages all available AWS features while maintaining a high level of security. Our team has also implemented front-end updates, including a secure deployment incorporating WOLK updates based on the latest AWS architecture standards and security guidelines.Additionally, we have successfully migrated the database to the Amazon RDS environment for improved scalability and performance. To streamline development processes and ensure efficient delivery of changes, we have converted the older CI/CD version to a more current Bitbucket CI/CD pipeline.

  • Front end updates
  • Secure a full deployment including WOLK updates [they did the migration based on AWS architecture best practises and security checks]
  • Migrating the database to Amazon RDS environment
  • Convert the old CI/CD version to latest Bitbucket CI/CD pipeline

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