June 22, 2022

Quick and Effective QA Testing as a Service Techniques

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QA as a Service can be implemented as desired, to perform testing throughout the software development lifecycle, only to test specific prototypes, or simply as monitoring to see the performance of a client application, or even to test certain much larger features. You should project QA testing with the required amount of resources. This, in turn, allows testing to be carried out to the extent or detail required, at a cost tailored to those specific needs.

Why Does a Company Need QA Testing and What are the Common Use Cases for QA as a Service?

Every market is based on meeting customer needs and of course software development companies always have the option of developing their own test infrastructure, but there are many circumstances in which organisations can gain a real business advantage by outsourcing the software testing processes.

What Does QA as a Service Do?

What Software development companies gain if they use QA as a Service?

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Additional Skills

For some Software development companies or software development teams, team members may not have the necessary expertise for Software Quality Assurance specific skills. It makes sense to outsource the testing process when it is clear that the expertise of the external service provider will improve project outcomes.

Better Way to Testing

For development teams pursuing continuous integration or continuous delivery work models and embracing Agile and DevOps practices, the need for frequent testing can overwhelm developers, especially those who provide the most value by building new code. When applications are too complex for the traditional manual testing model, a QA as a Service provider can help run automated tests with short turnarounds and free up developer time to keep pushing new code. And more resources to help the development process.

Streamlined Infrastructure

Software development companies can incur significant up front costs when building their own test infrastructure. These costs cover things like hardware testing, software licensing, and the actual time it takes to design and code the test scripts. Due to resource constraints, it is often more effective and efficient to hire a third-party QA service provider who already has the necessary infrastructure to perform the desired tests. But there is a downside, the 3rd party takes a long time because they have to learn the project itself. But with more resources these cons could have minimal impact.

Perhaps best for the QA team, component QA as a Service means that the testing process is flexible enough to scale as necessary, from week to week or from component to component, as project demands change.

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What Types of Testing is Outsourced to QA as a Service?

QA as a Service is flexible and can provide a very broad set of test capabilities. A company running QA as a Service typically uses a large number of individuals involved in the crowdsourced nature of QA as a Service platform, from multiple locales, and using real world tools. But there are some companies that run QA as a Service as part of their services.

Software development companies may choose to outsource various types of functional and non-functional testing activities to a QA as a Service as a service provider. Some of the highlights are:

Automatic Regression Testing (ART)

Automatic regression testing is usually performed after a new software update is released. New releases will be run through automated unit batteries and integration tests to verify that code compiles correctly after a new update. ART goes through a series of tests that include all critical functional tests for the app or website, as well as testing for external services that support the app or digital platform.

Mobile Testing

Consumers are increasingly accessing your apps and websites via mobile, increasing the importance of delivering seamless, high-quality app performance across devices, operating systems and web browsers. Mobile testing services can help your team optimise your app's performance across platforms and ensure that it can manage the anticipated volume of mobile connections.

Server Load & Performance Testing

Performance testing services include the analysis of user scenarios and transactions in a simulated production environment. Testing-as-a-Service providers can run simulations with a predetermined number of transactions, users, and views to assess the performance of your application under different server loads and stress conditions.

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