August 31, 2022

42 interactive - Past Projects, Client and Partner Highlights

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

42 Interactive is a digital transformation agency, building world firsts through the creative use of technology. 42 Interactive provides some products and services in technology industries and has also collaborated with partners/clients on some projects. In this article, we summarised some of our past projects in the section below.


42 Interactive has been working with International Towers Digital Experience (ITDE) and receive not only one, but two Good Design Awards in appreciation of innovation and digital design work. International Towers Digital Experience (ITDE) is Australia's first scalable digital property management ecosystem and a working space for more than 20,000 professionals who are part of International Towers tenant partners, tenant employees and Barangaroo visitors. The Digital Platform not only serves the professional Barangaroo community, but is also accessible to Barangaroo visitors and friends. It was a wonderful collaborative experience, we are grateful that they have included 42 Interactive as a part of their team.

ITDE working space


PROPVIZ is a virtual tour experience which bring you to present your business/company and its assets to customers. Potential buyers will be more trusting of properties that have been beautifully presented and photographed. It will providing an immersive experience for current and potential clients without requiring them to travel to you for an assessment. PROPVIZ has core services around 360º Interior and Exterior Visualisation Scan the room to create a 3D model of it and provide reliable measurements. It supports 3D virtual reality and view it all on desktop or mobile devices.

man 3d scanning white rabbit gallery


Coronavirus began infecting many people around the world at the end of 2019. Many industries were impacted as a result of this global pandemic, for example, businesses that rely on physical visits would suffer greatly. 42 Interactive and PROPVIZ collaborated with Catholic Healthcare Croydon Retirement Village to create 3D scans of the spaces so that people could explore them virtually even if they couldn't freely explore the physical location. It has addressed the issue that had been discouraging people from visiting the location.


42 Interactive was privileged to collaborate with Digby Webster for Tumbalong Lights Vivid 2019. In this event, 42 Interactive makes Digby Webster’s artwork come to life by making the art following people's facial expressions & body tracking. Face and body tracking would be the best way to make it work in an environment where everyone can participate. To accomplish this, we designed a large interactive screen with a detached tracking camera and computer box in front of it, using Microsoft Kinect V2.0 as the tracking camera, and utilising its face tracking feature to control Digby artwork.

kids enjoying Tumbalong Lights at the Vivid event


As an integrated development partner, we are working with Craveable, Red Rooster brand to create a more robust, faster and more secure online ordering platform. It provides strategic insights into Red Rooster's overall back-end platform architecture and online ordering system, ensuring a smooth online user experience from launch to point of sale. We are support by reworking their digital ecosystem with a much better Red Rooster ordering website and mobile applications (Android & iOS) through reviewing key UX factors. Keep Red Rooster mobile applications (Android & iOS) updated and working alongside with their marketing team and design partners.

Red Rooster online menu on desktop and mobile


The Tranceducer is a virtual mirror box that allows the subject to experience their virtual body as a “real body” that they inhabit and see in a mirror. VR embodiment implies that the person is unable to distinguish between the virtual body and their own body. Changes in the brain's experience and activity result from therapeutic intervention in the virtual environment. CognitiVR takes everything we know about pain and its treatment and tailors the VR experience to maximise therapeutic benefit. CognitiVR is a treatment that interacts with clients in a VR environment to create lasting learning and change in neuroplasticity.


Instacalm VR is a relaxation and meditation training package experience in virtual reality space which designed by our Clinical Psychologist. Using VR to assist in a Rapid relaxation training experience. Each module uses a VR environment to teach and extend meditation skills to maximise experience and learning.


42 Interactive has collaborated with Julie Anders to rebrand her digital presence. Rebranding involved working with her to discover her brand identity. Their brand's purpose, vision, values, and personality. Julie Anders is a holistic counsellor and psychotherapist who offers her services both face-to-face and online. Through their website, customers can easily discover and book their services.

That is all 42 Interactive’s client highlights. If you are interested to work/collaborate with us, please keep in touch with us.