September 28, 2022

Have An Interactive Play With Our 5 Year Anniversary Model

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Earlier this month we celebrated reaching Five years old.

That's 60 months or nearly 200 days of designing and developing great digital experiences through the creative use of technology.

We've achieved a lot in that time, but thought we would share the great 5 year 42 interactive design with everyone so they can explore and interact with our space man and rocket on the planet 5.

CHECK IT OUT and Interact by clicking the image here.

It has been an eventful five years at 42 Interactive. We grew strong years by years thanks to the clients that continually trusted us to deliver their digital transformation, amazing partnerships, and passionate skillful employees.

We’ve launched a pain clinic, theatre streaming service, we helped to future proof a food franchisee

and won few awards for a workplace precinct.

We are committing to high-quality delivery and working at pace is part of the reason 42 interactive has been growing since our beginning in 2017 and we are not stopping here.

We are now more motivated and excited about what the future will bring – we will welcome challenges, highs, and lows with grateful hearts.

We are staying true to our vision: Building world firsts through the creative use of technology. Also, our mission: To connect people through innovative digital experiences. As we continue to look to the future, we strive for designing and developing better products and services, in an effort to solve real-world problems and to help businesses be future-ready.

Thank you for being part of our journey,

Thank you to our clients and partners!

Thank you our Team!

If you would like to be A part of our amazing journey and successes, get in touch!