December 13, 2023

Reflecting on 2023 and Looking forward to 2024

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As we approach the end of another remarkable year, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey we’ve undertaken together. The past twelve months have brought about challenges that tested our strength, moments of triumph that filled us with pride, and countless opportunities for learning and growth. In this newsletter, we invite you to join us in revisiting the milestones, achievements, and stories that have shaped 42 Interactive throughout the year.

Creative and Technology Consultancy

Our service design and UX consultancy has helped producing efficient and innovative digital products for ourselves or our client, these are some projects benefited from this service:


Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney is refurbishing one of their office building in an effort to modernise the interior and providing more public space for visitors. We've been tasked with reviewing their user experience and service design, from floorplan layout for better flow for their exhibition and conference rooms, to necessary digital and analog components to make sure they have the highest standard for their leasable gallery or exhibition space.

Are you developing a digital product and in need of UX design and technology scoping? Let us help you, contact us now.

Digital Product & Service Development

We provide end to end service for developing enterprise grade software, apps and digital ecosystem. Whether a new development or integration with the existing system, we help our clients to optimise their workflow and save them operational cost.

International Towers' Amica

Over the past five years, International Towers has been our valued client. We designed a digital ecosystem to efficiently manage the property. This year, we rebranded the digital product as Amica, a term that translates to "friend" in Latin. Following the rebrand, we introduced Amica Perks, a community engagement program that empowers International Towers to provide additional benefits to tenants. These benefits include exclusive offers from participating retailers and redeemable rewards.

We integrated an additional feature into Amica, allowing the management team to create perks for tenants. Tenants can redeem these perks, revealing a QR code, which retail partners can then scan to confirm the claim—all within the same app and digital ecosystem. The launch was a resounding success, adding 1000 more users to Amica, and engagement is at an all-time high. As their creative and tech partner, we are thrilled and proud to contribute to the rebranding of this established digital platform, propelling it to new heights.


International Towers' ESG

In addition to the Amica rebrand launch, we assisted International Towers in developing an interactive page dedicated to their Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. This informative and engaging page aims to align all tenants, including the management team and service partners, with a comprehensive understanding of their ESG commitments. Given the complexity and multi-layered nature of the information, which involves numerous connections between different elements, our creative team has done an exceptional job in effectively presenting this intricate information on a single interactive page.


Craveable Brands is a Franchisor company that owns three iconic Australian food brands: Red Rooster, Oporto, and Chicken Treat. We are delighted to collaborate with them on enhancing Red Rooster website and integrating Red Rooster pickup options to elevate the overall customer experience and prioritise safety. The most recent project was to optimising their online ordering system: We are replacing the current online ordering system, Oheics, with Deliverect, a more efficient solution. By seamlessly integrating Deliverect, our client will have the ability to easily manage the menu of every store, track orders, and handle POS system integration effortlessly, as Deliverect already provides this functionality.

In addition to the Deliverect integration, we have implemented user authentication using Amazon Cognito, a robust platform capable of handling a large number of users with various scenarios effectively.

Own The Crowd

Own The Crowd is a company based in Colorado, USA, that offers communities to create their own websites on their own domain, enabling both social engagement and knowledge preservation.  42 Interactive was asked to design a mobile app for their clients such as the ScaleHeliPilot and RC Nation. We decided to use Flutter for the projects, that built native apps for both iOS and Android using a single codebase. With this app, our client was able to expand their feature on the current platform they already own provide a full-service feature from the community website platform, to native mobile apps, and increase the engagement of community members.

Immersive XR Development

There are various products and services that goes beyond the web and app that we use daily. Immersive interactive experiences that would increase your customer engagement and retention. These are projects delivered with immersive tech:


Latham Australia is a family-owned business since the 1950’s, began with materials handling and machinery but later specialised in terrazzo, marble, granite, and stone industries. Through adeptly tackling the challenges with strategic solutions, 42 Interactive team has successfully integrated AR into Latham Australia’s website CMS. As a result, Latham Australia is now poised to elevate customer experience and satisfaction, all while maintaining a competitive edge in their industry.

Neurotechnology - Innovate Pain Clinic & Full Body Tracking

Innovate Pain Clinic is now in full swing operating as a clinic focusing on curing chronic pain. It's a drug and surgery-free chronic pain treatment using Neuroplasticity. We have developed Tranceducer™ and CognitiVR™ immersive experience using Virtual Reality technology to be used by our clinical psychologist partner to treat people with chronic pain. We've seen many clients coming into the clinic and coming out happy with their pain reduced or in some cases completely gone. We are continually updating the Tranceducer which requires AI Computer Vision for full body tracking.


Our platform, Box Office VR (, has secured innovation funding from Innovate UK to develop a new digital product or service for BOVR. This exciting project aims to create an immersive Web XR interactive landing page specifically designed for users on VR headsets while browsing The goal is to enable users to dive into a 360-degree interactive landing page for exploring theater shows.

We are actively developing and testing this technology with a strong focus on user experience as a top priority in the design and development of new functionalities. This simple experiment is expected to provide valuable insights, and we are optimistic that it will not only enhance our understanding but also attract additional funding from Innovate UK to further develop the platform in the future.

Property Visualisation

Another way to increase your property's customer engagement on your website or app is through property visualisation. We provide visualisation from architectural blueprint or a 3D scan of existing built properties.

The White Rabbit Gallery

The White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney Australia, is a contemporary Chinese art gallery and features incredible Chinese artworks; is a haven for art enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs. This year, 42 Interactive had the privilege once again to create the gallery's 3D visualisation, capturing the essence of two remarkable exhibitions: “Shuo Shu” and “I Am The People”. These projects were rewarding. We were able to show the beauty and creativity of the exhibitions to more people digitally. The 3D scan was quite challenging, from navigating the circular layouts of "Shuo Shu" to handling the reflective surfaces of "I Am The People". Each scan showed the gallery's commitment to preserving art in all its forms and making it available to the public for free bot offline and online.

FIFA Museum Scan

A standout feature of the Female FIFA Village 2023 in Sydney was the temporary museum devoted to the history of women in FIFA. Acknowledging the significance of preserving this history, Grumpy Sailor design studio sought assistance from 42 Interactive for a 3D scan to construct a virtual replica of the museum. This not only facilitates a timeless archive but also extends the exhibition's reach to a global audience.

We've demonstrated our skill in Matterport scanning through successful projects like the FIFA Village. Our efficient process, along with features like MaterTags, helps us overcome challenges and create immersive virtual experiences. While celebrating the past, we're also building a more inclusive and connected future in the world of sports.

CUB - Matterport Scan

Club of United Business is a business directors club with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We have done a property visualisation using Matterport to do a 3D scan of their club in the heart of Sydney CBD. Having a 3D walkthrough of your space, especially an office or meeting space for your customers will boost their engagement on your site.

42i Website Update

This year, we have updated our website once again with a refreshed design, optimised performance, improved SEO, enhanced compatibility, updated content, and mobile responsiveness. These changes were made to better align with our business goals and to meet the expectations of our audience.

London Tech Week

London Tech Week is an annual event that brings together tech professionals, companies, and enthusiasts to discuss and showcase the latest in technology. For the latest information on the 2023 edition, check the official London Tech Week website or contact the organisers directly.

London Tech Week is an annual event that brings together technology enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses to showcase and discuss the latest advancements in the technology sector. The event typically includes a series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Participants may include tech companies, startups, investors, and government representatives.

During Tech Week, various topics are usually covered, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, digital innovation, and more. Attendees have the chance to explore emerging technologies, learn from industry leaders, and connect with potential partners and clients.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on London Tech Week 2023, I recommend checking the official website of London Tech Week or contacting the organisers directly for the latest details, including the schedule, speakers, and participating companies.

SXSW Sydney

This year, we hosted the first-ever South by Southwest (SXSW) Sydney conference, blending creativity and technology with a diverse lineup of speakers and professionals from Australia and around the world. The event received mixed reviews. While it was enjoyable for a first-time occurrence, there were concerns about session scheduling, with sessions feeling overly packed and making it challenging to create a clear calendar for optimal content enjoyment.

The conference featured numerous AI talks, including intriguing practical uses like AI crafting a beer from recipe to process. However, some sessions lacked dynamism, with industry professionals discussing concepts without showcasing practical work, resulting in dull presentations. As is customary, many industry professionals utilised the event primarily as a marketing tool for their products and services.

Looking ahead, there is optimism for improvement next year, and the hope is that organisers will be more stringent in content and speaker selection to enhance the overall experience.

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia Conference 2023 is the biggest startup hub event in Southeast Asia and provided a high-impact learning and networking opportunities in Asia’s tech as well as the startup community in Indonesia. The event brought together experts, leaders, and innovators from around the world.

Our team at 42 Interactive eagerly participated in the conference; featuring hands-on workshops and panel discussions that provided a wealth of networking opportunities. These interactions have the potential to foster valuable partnerships, collaborations, and insights that could benefit our business.

Creative Technology for Hoteliers [Event in Bali]

We had the pleasure of meeting inspiring professionals from Bali’s hospitality industry. It was an incredible experience sharing our journey and exploring the world of creative technology. Also had the opportunity to interview some of the guests about the event and the challenges they are facing in the hospitality industry, which they believe technology could provide solutions. We look forward to seeing the industry soar to new heights.

42 Interactive Team

This year, we’ve welcomed some fresh faces, each bringing their own unique talents and experiences to our team. Additionally, we had the pleasure of meeting the Indonesian team members in Bali, which helped bridge the distance between us and fostered a strong sense of togetherness. Our journey towards growth is a collective effort. Together, we’re building a stronger team. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Stay inspired, stay motivated, and let’s continue to grow together.

What's Ahead

As we look towards 2024, the landscape of the creative and technology space is poised for transformative changes, particularly for digital agencies like ours that operate across multiple international markets. Our experience, especially in Australia and the United States, has provided us with invaluable insights into the evolving needs of our clients and the dynamic nature of digital solutions. As we expand into new territories like Indonesia and Japan, these insights will be crucial in tailoring our approach to meet diverse cultural and business expectations.

In 2024, we anticipate a significant shift towards more integrated and immersive digital experiences. This evolution is driven by advancements in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality technologies. As a leader in this space, our focus will be on harnessing these technologies to create more personalised and engaging experiences for our clients' audiences. In Australia, where the digital market is mature, we will push the boundaries of innovation, aiming to set new industry standards. In the United States, where the market is vast and diverse, our strategy will involve leveraging data analytics and AI to better understand and cater to specific regional preferences.

Entering markets like Indonesia and Japan presents both challenges and opportunities. These regions are rapidly growing in their digital capabilities and consumer expectations. In Indonesia, there's a growing appetite for mobile-first solutions, influenced by the country's high mobile penetration rate. Our strategy will involve creating mobile-centric solutions and platforms that resonate with the local audience. Meanwhile, in Japan, where the blend of tradition and technology is unique, our approach will focus on creating digital experiences that respect cultural nuances while introducing innovative tech solutions.

Overall, 2024 will be a year of expanding our global footprint, deepening our technological expertise, and continuously adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. As a leader in this space, our commitment is to not only stay ahead of the curve but also to shape the future of digital interactions in each market we enter.

Thank you for being an integral part of 42 Interactive journey. Your support, passion, and dedication have been the driving force behind all that we’ve accomplished. As we turn the page to a new year, let’s do so together, with hearts full of gratitude and excitement for all that’s to come.

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