How do we create a restaurant for the future?

Craveable Brands

We are working with Craveable, Red Rooster brand as an integrated development partner to make a more robust, fast, and safe online ordering platform. We provide strategic insights into the overall Red Rooster backend platform architecture and online ordering system to ensure a smooth online user experience from start to POS.

craveable on desktop and mobile
sample craveable image
craveable pickup order on desktop and mobile

We are helping our client transforming their digital ecosystem including a more robust RR ordering website and mobile applications (iOS and Android) by reviewing key UX elements while the user is ordering online - We integrated with Kerbside and Doordash to speed up the food deliveries, adding a new revenue stream for our client and more delivery options for the user.

red rooster infographic branded

 We are keeping RR mobile applications up to date including compliance with Apple and Google providers, as well as the client’s third parties SDKs. Working alongside with their design agency, we are implementing an ever-changing and improved order and purchase user journey, from a UX/UI perspective and technology perspective.

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