May 16, 2020

Resuming Play: Australia Will Lift the Covid-19 Restriction

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

After almost two months in lockdown, travel quarantine, and social distancing regulations Australia has started to open domestic borders and permitted limited small group gatherings.  

This May, Prime Minister has announced what will be first to reopen under the national cabinet’s three-step plan to lift coronavirus restrictions. Playgrounds have been reopened in Southern Australia since early May 2020.

The first stage is the reopening of restaurants, cafes, schools, parks, and playgrounds. Step one goal is to reenable connection with friends and family, allowing gatherings up to 10 people, and 5 guests at home.

With playgrounds try and ensure that you bring wipes and sanitizer to clean playground and outdoor fitness equipment before and after use.

Children will be back in classrooms. Interstate recreational travel will be allowed. Funerals can have up to 30 attendees outdoors, and weddings 10. Although working from home will still be encouraged.

Step two will allow larger size gatherings up to 20 people, including for venues such as cinemas and galleries, more retail openings, organised community sport, and beauty parlours.

Step three would allow gatherings of up to 100 people, which may see most workers back in the workplace. Interstate travel will likely resume. Pubs and clubs with some restrictions will be open, with some gaming venues to re-open as well.

Until the pandemic has completely gone with no new cases, the International travel ban may still in places for worldwide travel. We should keep ourselves safe and healthy wherever we are and whenever we can.

The best way is to wash your hands regularly, use wipes or sanitiser if water and soap are not available around. The fact is, we should always do this with or without the threat of the virus presented.