June 27, 2020

Tech Transformation: The Financial Landscape of 2020 Onwards

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Last year, specifically in Australia, we endured loss and pain caused by bushfires across states.

Then worldwide, we all suffered a great impact, caused by COVID-19.

The crisis requires a deep and careful financial planning for at least 2 years ahead. Many businesses are closed down due to this pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs, while many continue to struggle to get back on their feet after a few months in lockdown. But we have to thrive and strive to move forward.

With challenges come adaptation and solutions. As physical contact was and is still restricted in some countries, people have moved to meet "online".  Technology and digital improvements play a big role and have reached a far wider market than if things in 2020 continued to be "normal".

We see the spiking trend of online sessions being held and used by everyone globally. Online conferences are now not the privilege of (IT) professionals only; families, friends, and colleagues who were not familiar with these digital tools and software applications pre-COVID-19 are now enjoying the sophisticated benefits offered by technology.

Look at online shopping websites that have increased their sales income within months, due to people staying at home and spending more time in front of their computer than the average days before COVID-19.

And then ZOOM. Who doesn't know this application by now?

a green cup and a video conference call on screen of a laptop

Be smart and fast to answer this new digital trend if you want to win the biggest part of the cake.

Consider to enlist technology into your business (or personal) financial planning expenses; purchase, expansion, and maintenance to keep moving through 2020 and beyond.

Stay safe and make some digital magic.