May 15, 2020

X-Ray Plugin for Unity3D

X-Ray Plugin for Unity3D

Earlier this year we launched the X-Ray plugin.

It is a custom shader that enables X-Ray style functionality for your Unity3D project.

X-Ray plugin is compatible with Lightweight and Universal Rendering Pipelines.

Want to add a Scanning effect?

Make an object look like it's being scanned with our X-Ray plugin for Unity 3D Free on the Unity Asset Store.

Want to look inside walls? Use this Shader tool to create an X-Ray effect on different objects.

This plug-in will enable you to create different modes of see-through objects in Unity.


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Check out this plugin on the Unity Asset Store to assist enhance your project with this X-Ray software.

Demo version available on Unity3D store

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Here you can see the demo version versus pro version:

Material masking?

Creating material layers; so you can stack multiple layers and mask them one by one.

The tutorial for this unique custom shader can be found here

Visit X-Ray website where you can also join our Discord Support & Discussion group.