November 20, 2021

A Better Future for Every Child on World Children's Day

A young boy wearing a white VR headset
november 20 is world children's day

As this year’s theme of World Children’s Day “A better future, for every child” and stated by UNICEF in respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, “The rights of every child everywhere, need to come first in any recovery plan”.

Today, as a person who loves and values children very much I would like to pass a message to the world if not too wide that I want a world where children, regardless of where they are, have the highest opportunity of getting a much better start their life, to live a happy and healthy life to reach their full potential, post Covid-19 pandemic.

group of happy & smiling children

I would like to encourage health institutions to finding solutions to provide children and young generation easy access to healthcare services including affordable and available vaccination program to every children; Access to health and nutrition services; Access to clean and healthy environment, sanitation and  hygiene; Supporting and protecting children’s mental health, and ensuring an inclusive recovery for them.

And as we all know that children have the power to transform the world, I would like to urging all education institutions everywhere to finding solutions to unlock education for children everywhere in the world; And ensuring every children can go to school easily, have easy access to libraries and other educational places.

Lastly, please remember that every child have every opportunity of having the best in life.

Happy World Children’s Day” to all beautiful children…..