June 17, 2021

Why You Should Use Figma

Why You Should Use Figma

Since its inception, Figma has rapidly gained popularity as the application of choice for digital designers. Here are some reasons why you should start using Figma.

The Power of Figma as a Design Tool

How can Figma help improve design collaboration? Show the differences in designs.Founded in 2005 by the architect John F. Davidson, it is a software platform for designing software based around software and resembles the features ofSketch, with a significant difference which improves team working. We are going to show you how Figma simplifies the design process. We need to go further. The interface for Figma is simple and intuitive.

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Simple Interface

The user interface is highly intuitive. If you're a designer who is at least somewhat familiar with the Adobe Suite, you'll find Figma to be incredibly easy to transition into. Don't be fooled - the small range of tools available open up a world of design possibilities. From mocking up wireframes to creating social media templates and presentation decks, Figma has the tools to support a wide range of briefs.

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Multiplayer Editing

One of the main reasons for its popularity in the design industry is that it makes collaborating easy. Gone are the days where only one user can make changes to a file at a time - with Figma's Live Editing feature, multiple users can edit the same document and see the changes as they happen. This allows collaboration to be seamless in any design team. Want to show another designer the colour palette you were imagining? No problem, just quickly show them!

multiplayer editing in Figma
Multiplayer Editing in Figma


The component feature is particularly useful for web and UI designers. This feature allows you to make a grouped element into a 'component' where all changes made to the original component design will apply to any copies. Take a button as an example. Making a button into component at the start of the design process and creating copies (also known as 'instances') means that later on you can change its size and colour and it'll simultaneously apply to all the existing copies of the button. This saves you from going through each artboard and individually changing the features! The component feature is also useful for more elaborate designs like website headers.

sample user experience in figma
Creating Multiple Components in Figma


One of the smaller but highly useful features of Figma is the range of preset frame sizes. This is one of those features that streamlines the design process in a subtle but hugely helpful way. Frames can be custom sized by dragging and dropping, but also be selected from a range of presets for phones, tablets, desktop, as well as social media and presentation frame sizes. This is extra useful for branding projects that may require a diverse range of content like mobile and desktop webpage mockups or Instagram and Facebook posts.

frame sizes in figma
Frame sizes in Figma

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Figma


Web-based App

Figma isa web-based application that allows you to access it from various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and even iOS. Therefore you don’t need to worry about whether the operating systems used supports Figma or not. In short, Figma works in a browser – you don’t need to download an application and it works on any operating system that runs a web browser.

Cloud Store

Because it’s a web-based app, Figma has a cloud save feature. Your resources, assets and designs will be stored in Figma cloud. And to access them, you will only have to log in to your Figma account.


One of the main functionalities in Figma is prototyping. It is easy to use for presentations and to create a clear design workflow for developers and clients.


The latest integration simplifies workflows for developers and clients by importing Figma assets without exporting them layer by layer. It even now has developerAPIs which allow integration with any browser-based application.

Collaborative Features

One of collaborative features in Figma is commenting. You can simply leave a comment in the file so you can discuss the project without having to have a call or chat in another application. People viewing and editing a file will also be displayed in the application. Collaboration in Figma is simple and familiar, even for beginners. Disadvantages


Internet Connection

As it’sa web-based application, it requires an internet connection to access it indeed.

Need a Decent Graphics Card

The application is required a higher graphics card specification than intel HDGraphics 3000, to enable to run it smoothly.


Although plugins aren’t a “must-have” for all designers, but it is an important feature for others. And unfortunately, Figma has less plugins than another application.

Figma vs Sketch image

Figma vs Sketch


Figma is a web-based application and can be accessed from various operating systems, while Sketch is only available exclusively for macOS.


Figma has easy access to collaborate in real-time with your team and facilitates sharing within the community, while Sketch doesn’t have this access nor flexibility and it allows to work individually.


Figma offers a free version that allows two people to edit a document at once and can handle up to three projects and provides unlimited cloud storage, while Sketchdoes not offer a free version.

Figma vs InVision Image

Figma vs InVision Studio


Figma provides users with real-time collaboration and much more variety features and offers the actual appearance of the application when exhibit the prototypes to clients, while the options in InVision are less flexible.


Although both Figma and InVision have similar packages, but Figma offers a lower start price of US$12/month, while InVision offers US$15/month. Although the offer has limited functionality, but it is very useful for beginners to test their skills.


InFigma, the version control is simple and easy to use. You can see who made changes and when.  


Figma isa very good alternative for a digital company who wants to develop high-quality wireframes and interactive prototype. And it is recommended as it has collaboration and workflow flexibility. Designer's life will become easier as there is only one step in the process, then all users will have the latest mockups to preview.

Contact us for more details and should you wish to have a help in producing a high-quality wireframes.

Written by Amy Vuong, Isna Firdaus and Reynaldy Prayudi