November 24, 2021

What You Need To Know About Brand Activation

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An effective brand campaign is a must for making your brand trend. Without engagement, a boring marketing campaign falls flat. The purpose of brand activation solutions and digital activations is to mark a brand’s presence during marketing campaigns, to promote a brand, or to market a product.

Marketers have taken advantage of social media to activate brands in the current era. Through digital activations, brands can leverage their potential and maximize their reach.

The success of any brand depends on its activation strategy. Activating your brand will take you a step further in brand awareness and growth.

What You Need To Know About Brand Activation

What is Brand Activation?

In the beginning, a brand has no life, as it is unknown to people. A brand activation process involves bringing people to know your brand while engaging them in some form of brand engagement.

New brands are not the only ones that require brand activation solutions. A brand that wishes to rebrand it can work with brand activation agencies to create brand activation strategies that will flip people's minds towards the new brand image.

Engaging consumers actively with a brand is the objective of brand activation.

It is possible to activate a brand in various ways. Explore some of the most popular types of brand activations that can help any brand establish its identity.

Brand Activations Types

Experiential Marketing

In recent years, experiential marketing solutions have gained more and more traction. Below the line campaigns with experiential marketing have been very successful.

Currently, experiential technology has been the first choice of marketers for brand activations. You reach a large percentage of the audience by making your brand powerful and unique. By doing this, you can create an advertising campaign that stays in the mind of your audience.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We are living in an era of digitalization. Digital marketing is the best way to trend your marketing campaign. Reaching target audiences without geographical limitations is possible with digital activations. Various social media platforms are available on the Internet. Planning digital marketing campaigns and advertising on digital media will increase your brand's reach and exposure, as well as give it exposure.

Sampling Campaigns

Sampling campaigns are an effective and traditional way of activating brands. It gives the customer a feel for the product and gives them an idea of what they can expect. Providing free samples of new products is a great way to introduce people to your brand or new product, resulting in future sales.

With sample distribution, brands can easily reach their target customers and gather feedback from them.

In-Store Brand Activation

Leveraging a brand through in-store activation is an important element of an in-store strategy. In this way, customers can interact directly with the brand. People are easily drawn to a display of newly launched products in a store or mall. This brand activation strategy is used during the sale season and during the weekends as foot traffic is typically on the rise during these times. It allows consumers to test products and gather all the information about them before making a purchase decision.


Making your brand popular by providing certain discounts and offers is an effective way to do so. Activating your brand in this way improves your brand's reach by attracting a large audience.

Social Media Contests

The use of digital activations plays an important role in engaging a broader audience base in the age of digitalization. Brand activation solutions such as social media contests, polls, quizzes, etc. are great for engaging the audience with the brand, while also building a relationship between the brand and its customers.

What You Need To Know About Brand Activation


Brand activation and experiential marketing are the next leaps in marketing, which are focused more on experiences than products and services. The traditional methods of advertising are no longer effective for brands, as new generations such as millennials and Generation Z no longer believe in traditional marketing methods.

Brand activation can help brands reach consumers more immersively, resulting in a stronger impression in their minds and a higher revenue.