October 9, 2020

The story of an evil lab, a mad scientist, and good tomatoes.

Have you played our fun and enjoyable Food Escape game by GargleBlasterGames?

If not, you can get it from the App Store and Google Play.

Have you ever wondered what is the story behind this game? Here let us take you through the story of how it became food escape became a mobile game.

Once upon a time in a faraway digital land, a laboratory was built, but not for a good purpose.   When we approach the lab building, we will feel uneasy and uncomfortable and not really want to stick around.

Inside the building, there is a dark lab with strange suspicious tools and lots of seemingly dangerous equipment. The smell of the air makes us feel sick and we just want to leave the room immediately. Intrigued though,  we have to continue walking in to see what is going on inside.

Oh no! Hide!! Someone is coming. It must be the professor who works in this laboratory. He looks unfriendly and grumpy. Where is he going?

Let's follow him.

He is approaching the corner of the laboratory. He is reaching in his hand into something. We can't see clearly. Let's get closer. Sshh. Be careful not to make a sound or he might be able to hear us.

It's a crate of tomatoes! What is the professor going to do with them? Nearby, it is also plenty of other fruits such as pumpkins, and also gingerbread cakes.

I wonder what they are for. Is the professor hungry?

Ohhh... You won't believe it.

The professor took one of the tomatoes and has put it inside a huge cylinder with a liquid inside. Is it water? Alkaline salt? chemical materials?

Can you guess what will happen next?

The tomato becomes alive. He is named Tomey. The professor programmed him to become a deadly weapon. He wants to rule the world with his food army.

Hold on! Tomey refused to do the bad things that the professor has instructed. Tomey wants to run away from the evil laboratory and escape from the evil professor. It won't be easy. The Professor won't let him get away so easily. He has set up dangerous traps everywhere.

Let's help him. Play the Food Escape game to help Tomey and his friends.

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