November 16, 2021

The Importance of Digital Experience for Business

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Digital experience is being driven by many disruptive forces that are changing the world around us. The combination of digitally empowered consumers and always-on connectivity has led to a dramatic change in consumer expectations-customers today expect (and demand) more than ever before.

Companies are beginning to ask themselves: “How can we harness the impact of digital innovation to better engage our customers-and do it faster and more effectively than our competition?”

Digital is increasingly at the center of everything you do (and your customers do, too). It's an important question that will only become more vital in the years to come. Most companies realize that developing a digital experience strategy is the right answer-where things break down is defining what that actually means.

developing a digital experience strategy

What is Digital Experience?

A digital experience is a combination of all of a customer's online interactions with your brand, including your website and social media channels as well as advertisements and chatbots. The concept of customer experience includes building trust and human connection with customers in a physical setting. Digital customer experience is simply the online version of this.

Why is Digital Experience Important?

Today, good experiences drive buying patterns and brand loyalty, as markets become increasingly competitive and customers powerful. A customer who feels emotionally connected to a brand may even spend twice as much as someone who is simply satisfied.

Better customer experiences can increase customer retention and lifetime customer value, which can lead to greater brand equity. In addition, customers share good experiences with a brand, and peer review is becoming a key factor in choosing a brand.

planning better customer experiences

What Makes a Good Digital User Experience?

Your brand's interaction with customers is everything. Your goal is to leave them with a positive impression of an easy, frictionless, and delightful experience.

Whether physical or virtual, interactions need to be consistent from one channel to another since people perceive these interactions as a single experience. To achieve this, it's also crucial that each engagement is built upon the previous ones rather than based on silos, taking into account previous purchases and activities.

Make sure your interactions are also direct and conversational. Engage with your consumer as soon as possible after a purchase, a sign-up, or an email. You should ensure your customers do not feel like just another number, so take the time to build a comprehensive view of them.

Customer interactions shouldn't be the only part of your digital experience. Consider what you actually offer your customers in addition to a seamless experience that shows they matter. You should consider what your company could do to find innovative ways to meet your clients' needs.