September 22, 2020

How to Play Sandy Balls Cricket

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Sandy Balls Cricket is a fun game of speed, skills, and a bit of luck, just like cricket.

This fun mobile game was inspired by the cricket scandal #sandpapergate that happened a few years ago. In the Australia vs South Africa cricket match one of the Australian players used some sandpaper to rub the cricket ball so create more swing in the ball for the bowler.

This cheating by a national sporting team caused an outcry in Australia and across the world.

sandy balls on old phone

To play this fun and easy "tongue-in-cheek" cricket game, download Sandy Balls Cricket on:

Google Play:
Apple Store:

After you download this game, the home screen will provide options to go into the game directly, check the leaderboard to see your highest score or learn how to play the game.

sandy balls cricket bowl
sandy balls game score

Here is How to Play the Game

  • After you hit the Play Game button, there will be a countdown to get yourself ready to bowl. Next, you will need to sand and scrub the cricket ball by moving your finger fast with the sandpaper.
  • Watch the yellow bar. Get it closer to the red area. The closer, the higher score you will get.
  • Watch the timer. It's a game of racing the clock. Don't let the yellow bar fall outside the red area.
  • Enjoy playing Sandy Balls Cricket and share with your friends to see who can top the leaderboard.

Here are the screenshots of How To Play the game:

how to play sandy balls cricket

Watch the Teaser on YouTube: