July 3, 2019

Maximize your Digital Strategy with SEO and Social Media Marketing

Maximize your Digital Strategy with SEO and Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now the new Search Engine Marketing.

Over the past few years, digital marketing strategies have shifted dramatically from Organic SEO and Google paid campaign networks (AdWords, AdSense) to Social Media Marketing that has become a phenomenal online platform and marketing strategy,  where even beginners can launch their own campaigns with less effort and skill.

Social Media Marketing is now becoming the new Search Engine Marketing. The platforms are something that we use every day and being integrated into smartphones, make it easier to update whenever and wherever within finger clicks.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is an internet marketing strategy using the benefits of social media platforms to promote a business (product or service). The major social media platforms today are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat – see image below.

These platforms connect a brand to its audiences, drive them to specific actions which later on increase the website traffic and subsequently sales. To do Social Media Marketing, the strategy requires content creation and publishing, while thoroughly pre-defined the audience. The content must be tailor-made according to the audience group identified.

Each social media platform will attract a certain set of audience, the company needs to understand which social media platform best fit for their given audience is. The Social media platform chosen each has it's individual methods and audience. It can be video-based, text-based, image-based, or a little bit of all of them.

best social media marketing channels

Social Media Strategy

One of the most important parts of a strategy is that you need to identify your target market, before planning your content. Avoid creating and publishing content spontaneously. You have to know what you are going to say or present to your audiences. And to ensure that you are maximizing your reach on social media, you need to publish content that your audiences like, at the right time and frequency.

Furthermore, by using analytic tools, hashtag and keyword search, you will be able to draw the information (test and learn) so that you can use to build better content with maximum results for future publishing.

When you have more funds to work on your Social Media Marketing, try Social Media Advertising. It is very powerful since you can specify target based on their demographic, interests, and behaviours. Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram offer this paid campaign service.

How to Incorporate Social Media Marketing into SEO Strategy?

Social media marketing and SEO marketing complement one another. They both aim to reach consumers organically and build strong brand identity through high-quality content. Thus, it’s important to incorporate social media in your SEO strategy as social profiles appear prominently on SERP(Search Engine Result Page) when your company, brand, or keywords related or used by your company, are searched. So how can you incorporate social media into your SEO strategy?

incorporate social media and SEO

Source: www.theegg.com

Optimize your brand social media profiles

Your online presence is a representative of your brand. Make sure your social profiles are well-optimized, with proper profile image, bio and keywords. Securing your brand account name in all social media platforms and using the same name as your brand are very crucial. As your competitors might use the account name to steal your business and customers. It is also crucial to maintain the brand consistency across all platforms.

Encourage your social media followers to link to your website

Link building is still an effective SEO strategy. Having backlinks from relevant websites and with the help of social media that distribute content to your followers, you can have the advantage of ranking higher in Google SERP. You can also boost sharing by adding social share buttons on your webpages.

Add images and, if possible, video to your content (pages, blogs, posts, articles)

Image and video are the most eye-catching elements of a web page and this goes for social media posts too. Posts with photos and a video on Facebook receive at least 50% more Likes, Link Clicks and Comments than the average post. Therefore, when developing your content strategy, don’t forget to add eye-catching images and/or a video into your posts.

Use Open Graph tags

Open Graph ogp.me is a protocol recognized by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other major social media. You can control what is shown for title, images, URL, and other elements when people share your webpages.

Track and Analyse your social media performance

By looking at the number of social shares, click rate for links, and what people say in the comments section, you can have a clearer picture for what content your followers like and don’t like. With these data, you can improve your content strategy.

Listen to the crowd

Use keywords relevant to your business, product, audience, or even your competitors on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and any other platforms you use. Follow the results, read the conversations. What they are “talking about”. Is it a complaint or appreciation on a specific brand (or yours), or maybe they are discussing a new market trend? Listening to this and being aware, might create new business opportunities for you.

In a Nutshell

Social Media Marketing is not a replacement of SEO. They have their own territory and benefits. SEO is a marketing strategy you apply on your website, while Social Media Marketing boosts the performance and result using external networks (Social Media platforms).

To get the best result of your digital marketing, you can choose to apply both for your digital marketing mix. Lastly, here is a data to help you taking a decision for your digital marketing strategy.

importance of digital media channels