April 21, 2021

Immersive Experiences: Boosting Engagement with 3D Tours

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

You can do so many things to improve guest engagement in your hospitality venue. One of the coolest ways today is by using a 3D virtual tour. This technology allows guests to visit a venue without going to the location. They can check the ambience, style, menu, and many other elements you have to offer before booking.

Check out the way a virtual tour can improve your guest engagement.

Show a Realistic Vision of Your Venue

One of the great benefits of offering a 3D virtual tour is that guests can get a realistic vision of your hospitality venue. They can see and feel the ambience, decorations and designs, menu items, seating configuration, and even food. Take the Peanut Butter Jelly Restaurant, in Manly, Sydney as an example,  this restaurant uses a 3D virtual walkthrough service from Propviz. The owners want to show the combination between street art and street food to guests.

The venue has 5 zones with different themes. A 3D virtual tour helps the owners to show the experience without asking guests to come to the location first. Guests can see and feel the atmosphere of the venue and get an overview of one of the zones in the restaurant. Guests even get a brief explanation about the creator and its specialization.

The more realistic the theme, the more depth the guests can see and feel, and the greater the opportunity to book a seat in the restaurant. The venue doesn’t need to explain the concept and idea of the venue and a 3D virtual tour increases guests’ curiosity about the restaurant and many of them may reserve a table once they finish the virtual tour.

3D virtual tour

Introduce Special Features 

Venue owners can also use a 3D virtual tour to introduce special or new features. You can link a video that shows the warm and welcoming interior to the guests. At Peanut Butter Jelly, Propviz can show guests the Asian, North American, and Caribbean menu and atmosphere while using the Matterport 3D virtual tour. 

This venue can also introduce street art that guests can enjoy when they take a Matterport virtual tour in this restaurant. Guests get additional information that this feature was created by a Brooklyn artist (Madsteez) and his achievements. Guests can explore the restaurant first before deciding the best zone they want to reserve. 

Another benefit of a 3D virtual tour is that guests only have to see the virtual map and click on the zone they want to see. A sophisticated Matterport camera helps to transfer the real design of the venue into a dollhouse. 

Connect to People Easily 

Nowadays, people often find information about a venue they want to visit via Google Street View and Maps. These online platforms are powerful enough to engage guests to come to your venue.

So, what is the relationship between 3D virtual tour services and these platforms? 

The best part is that you can upload your venues 3D virtual tour service to the platforms, such as Google Street View and Maps.

The easier people can find your venue, the more engagement your venue will get.

Serving interactive information on Google Street View and Maps will also increase engagement. People will be curious about the sensation of exploring your venue virtually. Indeed, they have a desire to feel the atmosphere, facilities and other areas once they get a great experience after the tour. 

Show the Great Aspects of the Venue 

Matterport scan technology helps to scan the details of a venue. As a result, guests can see the facilities, seating, decorative ornaments, interior design, and more. The 3D images look real to make sure that guests can view your venue before making a booking. 

In the case of Peanut Butter Jelly Restaurant, guests will see the types of chairs, tables, glassware, plates, and other things through a 3D virtual tour. Guests only have to click on the sign to find out the information about the room if they want, they can even zoom in or out of the location to see the detail closely or check the overall design. 

3D walkthrough services are easy to view and navigate. People only need to use their mouse or finger to tab the tools they want to use. That’s it! They can enjoy the virtual tour before finally deciding to make a booking, reserve a space or purchase.

3D virtual tour

Show that Your Business is Up to Date with Technology 

People love a business that uses the latest technology, as it makes it easier to find out more information they want to know about a specific business. Indeed, it helps to improve guests’ engagement toward your venue, especially if they know that your venue is offering 3D virtual reality tours where your competitors don’t. 

The 3D virtual tour attracts them to try and feel your property sensation. The best part is that they may tell others their experiences after exploring a venue by using a Matterport virtual tour. It means more people will know more about your hospitality venue when they take the virtual tour. 

Some guests may also love to use Virtual Reality technology since these virtual tours are also by default VR ready. If your venue can provide virtual reality experiences through a VR headset as well as in "normal" 2D they will come and try it and your venue can be their next favourite place.       

Easy to Upload to Social Media 

In the internet era, people love to interact on social media and they may also find something they need through these social media channels. These social media channels are a great opportunity to introduce your venue and improve your guests’ engagement with you, your brand and your venues.

A 3D virtual tour will make your online promotion more effective than before as you only have to upload the venue virtual tour to your official social media accounts. Let people see and enjoy the virtual tour before feeling it directly in your amazing hospitality venue.

People who feel a great experience after trying the virtual tour may become your guests and they may show your virtual tour experience to their friends., which in turn means more people will be engaged with your venue.  

This combination will boost the effectiveness of your marketing and promotion. 

Boost the Imagination of Your Guests 

With a Virtual Tour, you are able to extract videos and photos, along with the 360 virtual tours. The additional media provides further insight and can tell a story while allowing your potential guests to enhance their imaginative experience while exploring your venue virtually. As a result, this can create a strong connection with your venue.

With additional video and photos working alongside your virtual tour you can your customers develop great memories even before they visit the venue.  Taking a 3D virtual tour will turn curious people into potential guests and then into loyal customers. Creation of a virtual tour can boost the imagination of your guests for your venue.  

3D virtual tour

Increase Awareness Organically

3D virtual tour service is one of the most effective ways to make people aware of your business. People love to try something new and unique and you can use this fact to differentiate yourself, your business and your venue while offering something that your competitors don’t have.

With a virtual tour in place, customers will talk about your unique venue with their friends, family and colleagues.  This in turn provides a domino effect, where people who try your virtual tour share their experience anywhere they can including on their social media accounts, blogs, websites, YouTube channels, and other areas. This simple action leads to greater awareness and leads to more exposure to people who don't yet know of your venue, brand or business.  

Augment Your Google My Business (GMB) Page 

Virtual Tours are compatible with a variety of platforms, therefore you can upload the 3D virtual tour in Google Maps or Google Street View, but also into the Google My Business Page platform. Having a virtual tour on your Google My Business Page (GMB) enhances and augments engagement compared to venues without such virtual tour, video or 360 photo content.

Using GMB with virtual tour content differentiates your venue apart from the others and assists clientele to explore and seek more  information about your venue and its virtual tour. This makes your business (GMB) Google My Business Page worth a visit and allows you to show something that other venues can’t, such as the interiors, paints, materials, designs, and more from their mobile, desktop or tablet devices. 

The more people see your venue on the Google My Business (GMB) platform, the higher the search engine ranking your venue will get. Thus increasing the opportunity further to you to get more guests, bookings and revenue if you are higher up in the webpage search result.  

Providing People with Insight and Experience

Having a 360 virtual tour provides people with more insight, and remotely from their own homes and offices. As your are providing a solution for potential customers to have an experience virtually beforehand and allow them to check the condition of the venue without visiting the location. It means they don’t need to spend time going to the venue only to check the surroundings. 

With a virtual tour, you also have the opportunity to provide them with relevant and timely information that they require to make their next decision, moving them along the engagement path with your business and brand. For example, it could inform and trigger customers guests to call a number to ask for availability and a reservation. This in turn also helps your employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

Customers who have experienced a virtual tour will know more about the venue and so in general the processes will be faster and more enjoyable for all. Then, guests can enjoy the venue experience in more depth when they are physically there as they already have some initial insight into your offerings, which can only positively impact their venue experience and your business.  

Getting the Right 3D Virtual Tour Service 

Now, you have to make sure that you get the right 3D virtual tour company to handle your project. Propviz can implement and create a high-quality virtual tour of your venue and property. Propviz uses high-tech 3D room scanning cameras and technology by Matteport to give stunning end results for your venue.

A 3D virtual tour not only makes your venue look cool but also engages more people and so provides venues, hotels, museums, offices, restaurants, conference centres, retirement villages, entertainment centres, galleries and more to view and ultimately become a loyal customer.

The virtual tour service offers something unique to your clients as they can "feel" your venue and experience your offerings, even before they are physically there. Discuss your virtual tour needs with professionals at Propviz. and you will be amazed by the end result of the 3D virtual tour of your venue and get the long term benefits of these virtual tours and digital technology.       

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