May 12, 2021

Challenges and Risks of Aged Care Management

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The aged care services industry plays a crucial part in our community, because of the care that they offer to the elderly, and it’s currently at a critical and delicate stage in its development. This means it needs to have a different approach in creating a strategy to continue being a viable and trusted part of the social and economic fabric.

The industry is a particularly risky business at present, as it is plagued by uncertainties that could affect providers’ capacity to deliver a quality service of care.

There are a lot of challenges that aged care businesses are currently facing, and many risks faced by the management are around the high demand for improved healthcare and aged care services. As traditional working methods can lack agility, intelligence, and efficiency, thus it is crucial to adapt to a more effective digital transformation strategy in order to maintain the standard of their services.

Here are a few challenges/risks that many aged care industries are facing caused by lack of digital involvement and strategy: 

  • Services not up to standard, as they may lack efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Lack of awareness; using the traditional methods of reaching your audience is usually less measurable and may take longer to reach the desired volume and/or the target audience.
  • Overshadowed by competitors who use advanced technology, intelligent solutions, and digital platforms to upgrade their customer-facing and back-office care processes and services.
  • Struggling to adjust to pandemic challenges and associated social distancing issues. During this pandemic, most people tend to feel more comfortable carrying out an activity, remotely, using a digital platform. From browsing, selling, purchasing, and the potential of showcasing your facilities and assets online mean that direct contact with others can be avoided, where needed, especially relevant for those more senior and in the higher risk category groups.
  • Service delivery costs rise, potentially through lack of efficiencies, which will lead to a lack of funding.
  • Increasingly intelligent, sophisticated, and scalable technology. 
  • Rapidly growing and changing competitors expanding or arriving into the aged care sector. 
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Digital Transformation can assist to develop a culture of openness, transparency and education, promoting your values and quality of your facilities while raising team performance.

For example, using a virtual tour could help the potential customers see and experience your aged care facilities, without having to be there physically, as well as assisting your own staff to understand the layouts of your properties and facilities in more detail. Virtual Walkthroughs and Virtual Tours of your facilities and accommodation can be a great tool to build familiarity and trust with your audience.

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A digitally enabled aged care business can improve services and efficiencies while increasing customer engagement,