July 21, 2021

360 Virtual Tours: A Game-Changer for Hotel Marketing

A young boy wearing a white VR headset

Innovation as we know it is expanding daily, so it's more important than ever for hospitality businesses to keep themselves current. One of the very best methods hotels, venues, and restaurants can use to do that is with 360 virtual tours. Virtual tours are the perfect method to show off all your hotel, venue or location and show in an immersive digital way what it has to offer to potential guests.

What are the advantages of offering your customers a 360 virtual tour? While lots of hospitality venues spend a lot of money on marketing, 360 virtual tours are among the most effective ways to increase your bookings and reservations. Let's have a look at a few of the top benefits of 360 virtual tour for your hotel:

Provides Transparency

360 virtual tours enable customers to see every area of the displayed hotel rooms and suites. This provides a seamless description and communication of the quality service you are offering. It gives customers a good impression of your transparency and business.

VR tour of NH Hotel
Image source: NH Hotel

Increase Bookings

We've all heard stories and seen evaluations of hotels and venues where the customer did not discover the place as promised or promoted. With a 360 virtual tour, you can provide all potential customers with a totally immersive experience and reveal to them precisely what they can anticipate when they come to your venue.

A well-designed 360 virtual tour and an uncomplicated reservation procedure will allow customers to book directly with you. For added click-through success, you can add direct calls to action at numerous points overlayed and elaborated on throughout the virtual tour. That way, customers are led straight to the information they need, or where you wish to direct them to once they explore your hotel/venue, e.g. the booking page.

Increase in Website Time and Reduced Bounce Rate

A 360 virtual tour will also help with your search engine optimisation (SEO). It'll minimize your website's "bounce rate." A bounce rate is a rate at which consumers leave a website after seeing one page. As a hotel/venue owner or manager, 360 virtual tours can assist you to keep potential visitors engaged for longer,  therefore they'll be much more likely to see further information and why they should book with you.

Experiencing a virtual tour usually take around a minute, which is a lot longer than the time someone may spend on a site without interactive functions. By offering a virtual trip, your bounce rate will go down, your on-site time will increase, resulting in much better search engine rankings, more online exposure, and more traffic to your business.

Providing a Clear View of your Unique Selling Points

Consumers will get a more in-depth view of spaces, with a more accurate representation of measurements and sizes. Standard, flat images can be deceptive, making a space appear significantly larger or smaller than it actually is. With 360 virtual tours, your guests will receive a precise representation of your spaces and feel what it's truly like to stand inside them.

Allow Guests to Take Their Time and Plan

You can offer potential customers a "real" experience. This level of innovation allows customers to take in every part of your hotel/venue at their own pace. It's an easy-to-use way to welcome prospective guests into your venue without them feeling pressured to make decisions quickly.

Leave a Lasting Impression

A memorable website with an interactive virtual tour will produce a lasting first impression. Typically, prospective customers will investigate prospective hotels and venues half a dozen times before they choose which ones to contact. Your interactive virtual tour will guarantee you are front (and stick) of mind.

vr tour outdoor avia hotel
Image source: Avila Hotel

Increase Customer Satisfaction Rate

You'll see a greater rate of client fulfilment and bookings. Periodically, hotel managers come across dissatisfied guests whose rooms may not have been what they expected. When you offer customers the chance to view their room before reserving it, they will know precisely what to anticipate.


360 virtual tours are one of the best ways to enhance your bookings and associated revenue.  So if you're a hotel or property owner or manager and want to enhance reservation rates you should seriously look at utilising this technology and service.

By using a virtual tour, you welcome potential customers to step inside your venue and explore your business from any device. You can offer your guests a special experience as they explore every part of your physical location virtually.

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