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Property Management Technology

Commercial Properties / Commercial Office Spaces / Retail Buildings / Residential Apartments

Property Management Platform

Precinct management platform enables property managers to manage their assets and community using a “digital twin” of their property. This allow property managers, tenants, service partners and contractors to work together on one platform.

Assets Management

Assets management allow the property manager to detail every nook and cranny of a precinct. From the building, floors, spaces within a floor and facilities within the floors or spaces.  Detailing the assets allows the property manager to assign or allocate these spaces or facilities to any organisation or individual.

Space Bookings & Management

This platform would enable any space or rooms in the assets you manage to be a part of space booking services. You can allow tenants only or the general public to book your space.

Service Management

As a part of community engagement, you can setup any services on PMP. Services ranging from catering, transport or retail services. Your retailers can manage their own services they’d like to provide.

Access Permits Management

PMP can integrate with access control of your choice to enable a fully digital experience of assets access. They can use their mobile to enter the building as an alternative to their physical pass.

Analytics Management

Any movements and data on the platform can be used to create a report.These analytics reports are tailored specifically according to your need and would give you actionable sets of data.

Engagement & Services

PMP also caters for community engagement like news and events. It can integrate to the content management system (CMS) you’re currently using and provide one place to get all the news and events. It can also integrate to events engines like Evenbrite to serve bookable events for your tenants or community.

3D Scanning & Reporting Platform

PMP can be extended to have 3D scanning for asset’s interiors. This can be used by your property team for maintenance reporting.


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