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Julie Anders
Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

Julie Anders is a holistic counsellor and psychotherapist who offers her services both in-person and online. Through her website, clients can easily discover and book her services.

We worked with Julie Anders to rebrand her digital presence. The rebrand involved working alongside her to discover her brand identity; her brand purpose, vision, values, and personality. We used these themes as the basis for her rebrand and focused on reflecting them visually in her new logo design, website, and brand pack.


The logo design is inspired by the compass symbol and nature. The meaning stems from the brand's vision: 'To see people connected to their compass and use it to reorient the world.' Symbolically, it represents Julie Anders at the centre, as the starting point of the discovery and connection.

julie anders business card

Brand Pack

The brand pack visually reflects her brand identity. It includes her logo design, typography, colours, imagery, and social media templates. The brand pack is based on brand values of being approachable, inviting, and inspiring. This led to the overall visual theme to centre around nature and a soft colour palette.

julie anders brand pack


Julie Anders' website carries the themes of the brand pack. We focused on creating a simple layout that would allow clients to easily discover information about her practice and book her services. The theme of nature is presented throughout the website through the imagery and iconography.

julie anders website
julie anders website service page
julie anders service workplace wellness
julie anders contact page
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