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How do we connect people to their workplace?

International Towers Digital Experience

We have designed and developed International Towers Digital Experience. It's an Australian-first, scalable digital estate management ecosystem which centralises workplace services for more than 20,000 professionals who are part of the International Towers diverse community of tenant partners, tenant employees and Barangaroo visitors.

The digital platform has the capability to service not only the Barangaroo Community of professionals but also is accessible for visitors and friends of Barangaroo.

How do we connect families using virtual spaces?

Catholic Healthcare

Coronavirus restrictions posed problems for many industries. Lockdowns and the need for social distancing meant that businesses that typically rely on physical visits would suffer greatly.

Catholic Healthcare Croydon Retirement Village felt the impact of the restrictions as people were discouraged from visiting the location. To address this problem, our service PROPVIZ created 3D scans of the spaces to ensure that if people couldn't freely explore the physical location they still could virtually.

How do we archive our legacy for the next generation?


PROPVIZ is an immersive, functional and innovative virtual tour experience that will WOW your clients and potential buyers. Presentation is everything when it comes to selling your property. It goes for both physical presentation and also your digital or online presentation.

Potential buyers will have more trust towards properties that are well presented and photographed beautifully. This is where we can help. It’s not just still photography for your property but a virtual tour experience for your audience. We are visual beings, gravitating towards what is beautiful and inspirational.

How do we make art come to life?

VIVID 2019 Tumbalong Lights "See What I See"

We have created an interactive artwork that tracked facial expressions. Each face is procedurally created from Digby Webster's drawings or paintings.

Digby is a widely exhibited, Sydney-based visual artist with disability. His canvases burst with vibrant colours whether they are abstracts, portraits or landscapes.


How do we create a restaurant for the future?


We are working with Craveable, Red Rooster brand as an integrated development partner. We provide strategic insights into the overall Red Roster backend platform architecture and online ordering system to ensure a smooth online user experience from start to Point Of Sale (POS).

How do we assist families discover inclusive playspaces?

Find My Playground

We’re passionate about creative technology to help solve challenges or enhance everyone’s everyday experiences.  As a company with families in mind, we saw a challenge faced by many parents to find outdoor or indoor facilities for their active children.

Find My Playground was created to answer this challenge and also to help the community to review and list playground features that might be important for families, especially the accessibility features of each playgrounds.

How do we help people live in a world without chronic pain?

Tranceducer and CognitiVR

The Tranceducer™ is a medical device consisting of hardware and software. This device allows for a real time experience of the self and the ‘mirror self’ in an XR environment. This representation is very detailed and the participant is able to experience ‘themselves’ at a muscular, nervous system and skeletal level.

This multisensory tool facilitates neuroplastic engagement and learning using COGNITIVR™. CognitiVR™ is a therapeutic method that engages with the client in the VR environment to generate lasting neuroplastic learning and change.

How do we facilitate relaxation in everyday life?

Instacalm VR

We have created Instacalm VR, a relaxation and meditation training package experience designed by our Clinical Psychologist. It is designed to use VR to assist in a Rapid relaxation training experience.

Learn mindfulness meditation and breath-based meditation – take our 4 step guided Virtual Reality tour. Each module teaches and expands your meditative skills using The VR environment to maximise your experience and learning.


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