We build our partners’ world firsts through the creative use of technology.

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42 Interactive tackle our partners’ challenges with the creative use of technology creating digital experiences like no other.
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Our world class team of professionals can design, develop and deliver digital ecosystems, experiential projects ranging from Activations, AR and, VR and top tier scalable platforms.

We also help our partners identify their current and future challenges in businesses through our UX and Technology consultancy.

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Busy day in Lego world. It's when #games created to mimick our daily life. #vr #ar #iot #42Interactive https://t.co/6txkrwjZzP

#Neuromorphic computer chips that emulate our brain’s natural thought processes are already in development and may end up being the biggest transformation in processor #technology since the #microchip. https://t.co/c3dxPpwqdP

Making Learning “Real” With Augmented Reality https://t.co/yVooeSNDaY
DHL brings Malaysia to their team via AR. #AugmentedReality #DHL #AR #Logistics

Lunchtime rush hour #creativetechnology #australia #42Interactive https://t.co/ePRyzXzxyC

Formidable Firepower Added https://t.co/prJM8OBEWe

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have a new member to the 42Interactive family for 2019, the addition of our Executive Producer.

#team #partners #creativetechnology #womenintech


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